Special K Challenge Update

My two week Special K challenge is over and I think it went really well. Not once during this challenge was I disappointed with myself and that’s huge for me because normally if I cave in to a craving or don’t exercise every day I feel like a big failure. I think a big part of me maintaining a positive outlook was because I went into this challenge with the mindset that how I felt was more important than what the scale said.

I went out one of the evenings and I felt pretty. THAT by itself was an accomplishment. I still have weight to lose but I’ve realized that how I feel is ultimately the most important thing. I know I will feel better about myself once I am a few sizes smaller but I need to learn to love myself no matter what size I am and not just if I can fit into a single digit dress size.

When it came time to eating I didn’t dread it at all. I actually looked forward to it! Yes, there were times when all I wanted was junk food but for the most part this food I ate for the challenge tasted good. And some of it even felt like I was cheating and eating dessert! Here are some of my favorite Special K products:

Do you like candy bars? These are a great replacement! So delicious!


These shakes tasted like chocolate milk but were more filling.


I've enjoyed this cereal since college. It makes a great snack!


If you are looking to lose weight and feel better about yourself I suggest taking the Special K Challenge. You can find more information on their website :)

(Disclosure: I was compensated for taking part in this campaign but all thoughts are my own.)

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