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Kat's Cafe Review - Transforming a Painful Past

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Elise Photini Adams has entered the realms of published authors with her first e-book offering, called “Transform a Painful Past in Five Simple Steps.” And she scored a win, in my book, for an honest, thought-provoking, engaging, and easy-to-read gem of a short e-book.

Adams has recently been featured in All You  magazine, has been interview on her local news, and leads her own radio show. She is a wife and mother with a difficult past, full of addiction, abuse, and pain. But while her past helped to create the woman she is today, it doesn’t define her.

Through years of learning to move forward, and beyond, her past, Adams has become a voice for many who struggle to deal with the demons in their pasts.

Read through my review and see if this might be a book for you. And if you want, you can also enter to win a full package from Elise, including this e-book copy, audio-book copy, workbook copy AND webinar ticket to her upcoming LIVE presentation.

The Giveaway is only open for a few days, but what a great way to start off the New Year – by taking back control of your life!

The Honesty of “Transform a Painful Past”

A little known secret about me – I have MANY demons in my past. I’ve written honestly here about some issues, but not all, including losing my mother as a teenager and my amazing family. But what most don’t know is that I was adopted, and I lived in an abusive household for years as well.

I moved beyond the past, and I have to admit, reading Elise’s book opened my eyes to some harsh realities – as in I haven’t moved as far beyond my past as I thought I have.

Oh, I’ve forgiven, but I am still caught in moments like Elise speaks about in her book – moments that remind me of things I have lived through before. It’s easy when you have lived with abuse and loss, and I imagine, if you have lived with addiction. That is one monster I haven’t had to deal with, thankfully.

Elise’s courage in speaking honestly about her past, not making excuses for it, and for moving forward with purpose, reminds me that my goal in living and constantly moving forward is a similar path.

What I Loved about “Transform a Painful Past”

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What I loved about her e-book is that it is short, written in a conversational tone, and Elise  speaks from the heart. Her honesty is right there, throughout, as she talks the reader through 5 actual steps they can take to start taking back their own pasts.

The genius of the book, I think, is in the simplicity of being able to take this action yourself. Elise isn’t a licensed therapist, and she is clear about that. But like many who have lived through painful experiences, she has learned a lot about how to move past it. What others lack, though, is her ability to break down the process into easy-to follow steps.

I devoured this e-book, and I have it saved on my desktop for easy reference, because it really is easy to read, and worth going through again and again. And now, Adams even has a workbook available on her site, for free, for anyone who purchases a copy of the book.

The book, in 8 chapters (from Elise’s website, Adams Organizing)

You shared your heart with me…and I heard you!

A few months back I asked many of you what your biggest struggles were about getting past a difficult past.  I was touched by your answers.  You shared with me about betrayals, guilt, and old memories. So much of what you shared with me, I have experienced too.  This got me thinking…maybe you need to hear the keys I’ve learned about crawling out from under an overhanging past.  This new book is my simple explanation of the tough road that so many of us are walking together…getting past a painful past. ~Elise Adams

Inside Transform a Painful Past

Transform a Painful Past by Elise Adams - Review by Kat's CafeIn just 8 chapters Elise Adams outlines 5 simple steps that move bad memories back where they belong–into our past instead of intruding in our present.  You don’t have to be tied to old patterns or painful regret any longer!

From the very first page Elise lays out concrete and hopeful strategies for transforming our painful pasts

Chapter 1 is all about lies

Chapter 2 examines a new perspective

Chapter 3 through 5 detail healing and comforting strategies

Chapter 6 addresses prayer and spiritual recovery

Chapter 7 discusses the simplicity of forgiveness, even when it seems impossible.

The only drawbacks to “Transform a Painful Past”

Well, it was short *grin* and I think the topic lends itself to more material. Luckily, Elise has already announced she will be releasing further e-books *whew!*

In all honesty, don’t read this book looking for the answers to all the questions you have been looking for in therapy … that isn’t the kind of book Elise has written for us. This is a more general book, looking at healing in a slightly different way, with a unique thought process, that takes the attention OFF of your past and ON your future.

If you aren’t a Christian, you might find Elise’s enthusiastic sharing of her faith off-putting. She doesn’t presthelisize, though, and while her religious beliefs are included, they aren’t the most important part of the message. I think, as a result, that even non-Christians would find this an easy reading, non-offensive  self-healing book.

If you believe that you can only find healing through therapy, lots and lots of therapy … this book might not be for you. Elise’s concept is that you don’t always need the same traditional kind of therapy, looking for someone to blame your past traumas on … not to heal.

This is an approach I happen to agree strongly with, and have utilized as well.

Four stars for a stellar of an e-book by a new author, Elise Photini Adams’ “Transform a Painful Past” is an easy read and well-worth the short time you will spend. I doubt that you will be able to put it down, and I bet you turn back to it! “Transform a Painful Past” is a solid read if you want to help yourself heal.

Kat's Cafe Review - Transforming a Painful Past

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  1. Thank you for your review I hadn’t heard of this e-book until I saw your review. We all, I’m sure have painful moments in our past that are hard to get past. I love the idea that hse has a free workbook that goes along with the book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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