National Weigh-In Day {And The Special K Challenge}

Today, January 2nd, is National Weigh-In Day, a day created for women to talk about weight loss. Most of the time I  tend to focus on the numbers on the scale and the amount of pounds I want to lose. In 2010 I said my goal was to lose 50 pounds. It didn’t happen and I think it’s because I was so focused on the scale that I didn’t think about anything else.

According to a survey, 62% of women focus on the number of pounds they hope to lose which often derails them from their weight loss plan. The Special K brand wants to make stepping on the scale fun for women. Rather than focusing on the numbers that appear, they want women to imagine what they will gain emotionally when they will lose weight.

I love this idea of focusing on how I will feel and what I will gain instead of focusing on the numbers and getting upset if I don’t see a huge difference in scale numbers from week to week. I have decided that my health goal will not focus on a certain amount of weight loss but will instead focus on myself.

My “weight goal” for 2012 is to feel good in the clothes I wear. Right now I think I look fat in whatever I put on and I hate that feeling. To get to a point where I feel comfortable in what I wear I will be choosing healthier snacks, cutting down on the calories I drink {pop and coffee drinks}, and exercising more {with the kids}.

For the food goal I will be kick starting the year with the Special K Challenge. I was sent a big box full of snacks and got some meal planning ideas from their website. I’m excited to start this two week challenge and hope that you will join me in focusing on the positive outcomes you want instead of the numbers you see on the scale.


Consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.  Average weight loss when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 4.8 pounds.  Weight loss may vary. Average waist circumference reduction when replacing meals with two cereal meals is 1.3 inches. Weight loss may vary.

(Disclosure: I participated in this program through a partnership with TheMotherhood on behalf of Special K. I received product and supplies to complete the plan. All opinions and statements are based on my own opinion and experience.)

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  1. I completely agree with you on wanting to just feel happy in my clothes, I hate when I put on a shirt and can’t get my eyes away from it clinging in places that I don’t want it to. Good luck with the Special K Challenge, I hope it goes great for you!

  2. I am part of the campaign too. I want to lose 20…yesterday I was down 1.6 pounds but nothing today. How is your challenge going?

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi and introduce myself! :)


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