Help, My Child Is Buried Under The Laundry! {Wordless Wednesday}

Sinisa asked me if I really wanted to post this picture that shows how many dirty clothes I have to wash. You all know I’m going to keep it real {so don’t judge me because my laundry pile is larger than my child….}

Can you find Lucas?


How about now?

I’m not the only one with a huge pile of laundry to do am I?


  1. Nope! Mine looks like that on occasion and then I scoop it up and stuff it in bags so it doesn’t freak me out anymore, LOL.

  2. With 10-13 people in our home, some days this is my daily chore!!!
    You sould see if I skip a day (no, no one sould see it) and if our electrity goes out for a few days, it happens sometimes.

  3. NOPE!You are not the only one.I at times just look at mine and well it ain’t going no where,and no merry maids, maybe tomorrow.!!!

  4. My problem isn’t in the washing, it’s the folding and putting away. Um, looking for something to wear? Pull it out of the pile!

  5. HA!! We should all share photos of our laundry piles :) I have 5 boys and am FOREVER doing laundry….if I skip a day it seems to some how mulitply… we speak i have done 5 laods of alundry today and still can’t see the bathroom floor.

  6.’s ok,I could hide my kid in mine too and he’s twice the size of yours

  7. As Dr. Venkman said in Ghost Busters II: I have a hamper? There are different degrees of clean and dirty…

    Personally, if I voted, I’d vote to buy new clothes when the old ones get dirty… LOL

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