Menu Plan Monday {November 14-20}

Trying another week of eating food we already have so we can keep our grocery bill down. This week I’m working with ground beef, ground turkey, chicken, and burger patties and I was on the lookout for meals that didn’t include many ingredients that I needed to buy. Here’s our menu plan (click the picture to be taken to the post it’s from):

Monday: Creamy Caprese Pasta


Tuesday: Honey Lime Chicken with Potato Wedges


Wednesday: Leftovers


Thursday: Daddy is making crepes!


Friday: Stuffed Tex-Mex Yellow Squash


Saturday: Burgers and Tater Tots


Sunday: Meatloaf Cupcakes

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  1. Wow. I am totally impressed and I think I am going to have to keep those recipes saved for another day. I miss Menu Plan Monday. I’m going to have to start getting on the ball again. :) Thank you for sharing.


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