Fashion Bloggers and…. ME!

Earlier this week my friend, Paula, and I attended an event with the Chicago Blogger Network. While I had fun, I felt out of place because almost everyone there was young, fashionable, and well, basically me before I had two kids. (Though I don’t think I was ever as fashion forward as these fashion bloggers were!)

You can check out all the really cute outfits here. Pictures were taken by @Tyliner of Darkroom Demons.

Here was my look:

Jokingly I asked Sinisa before I left if he thought I would win an award for being the most stylish. He said “NO!” He explained that he didn’t like my scarf or my jeans and probably could have went on but I stopped him. I said “thanks honey. You were just supposed to say yes.” Haha.

So Sinisa didn’t think I was the most fashionable but I thought I looked cute. What do you think? If you think I look at least somewhat decent I would love if you could visit my post on the Chicago Blogger Network page and leave a comment under my picture. I made it easy for you all and linked right to my page. The person with the most comments gets an IPod Touch! :)

To find out more about the party you can view the tweets from the evening with the hashtag #CBNTRIBUTEPARTY.

(Disclosure: I attended this event free of charge as a member of the Chicago Blogger Network.)

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