Occupational Therapy Fun {Wordless Wednesday}

Both boys get occupational therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder. I wanted to share pictures of Luke’s last therapy session and the activities that he does during it:

Sitting on a bouncy ball putting pegs on a pegboard

Sitting in a chair pulling small objects out of theraputty

Swings on a platform swing and plays with weighted frogs (in green bin)

Practicing eating with a spoon while wearing a Spio suit (which he wears for the whole hour session)

Playing with shaving cream on a tray

(Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or a Doctor. I’m just sharing what Lucas does during his therapy sessions. Please consult your child’s therapist or Doctor before doing any of these activities with your child. If you are a parent of a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder please contact me (email in sidebar) if you would like someone to talk to.)

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  1. We do the pulling things out of theraputty and picking up objects while balancing on a ball as well with my 4yo. We just started some techniques for his oral aversions to textures.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to see what he does in therapy. I honestly don’t know much about Sensory Processing Disorder.

  3. my son & dil have not shared what pt the youngest gets, I know he has the oral aversions & needs lots of physical activities… the did let us in on the older ones, esp home pt… but they are not so forth coming with the younger? maybe they are too tired?

  4. My Lil’ ones love to play with pegs, too. Happy WW!

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