First Day Of Preschool

Jacob had his first day of preschool on Friday so I wanted to share about it :)

We started a “night before school” tradition where the kids get to pick the restaurant they want to go to. Jacob chose pizza so we headed to a local pizza place. After dinner we came home and the boys had baths and we read some books about going to school for the first time.

The next morning I woke up earlier than everyone else and started getting ready for the day. Daddy had taken the morning off work too so he could watch his oldest son go to his first day of school. He helped get the kids ready. Outfits had been picked out the night before which helped save time in the morning. Sinisa made the boys a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs and nutella on toast which they enjoyed. The backpack was filled with school supplies and ready to go. Before we left the house I took a picture of Jacob standing by the front door, something I remember doing every single year growing up on the first day of school.

We drove to Jacob’s school and got there pretty early. We aren’t allowed to bring the kids in to the school which I was kind of bummed about. Teacher assistants come get them and bring them inside to sit outside of their classrooms until school starts at 8am. When the teacher came and opened his door, Jacob seemed leery about going with someone he didn’t know and he didn’t want to wear his backpack but after a minute or so he let the teacher lead him away from the car.


When we came back two and a half hours later we waited in a long line as we watched children come out of the building and get into their parent’s cars. We spotted Jacob before he saw us and I tried to get another picture of him but couldn’t because other cars were in the way. When we finally got closer he saw our car and his face lit up.

As soon as he got in the car I was wanting to know about his day. He said he played with playdough and read books. He seems very excited to return so we shall see how drop off goes today!


Has your child started school yet? How did the first day go?

2 thoughts on “First Day Of Preschool”

  1. Congratulations to Jacob on his first day of school and to his parents for surviving it too! The first dy of school is a huge milestone for us and our kids. I catolog their first days the same way and it’s wonderful to experience it with them. This year I have one starting kindergarten and another preschool, so this is a bigger year for us than in the past. Prior first days have been just like yours and Jacob will love school.

  2. Aw, what a cute kid! And what an awesome first day of school. Playing with play dough and reading books- who wouldn’t love that?

    I really like your preparations- going out to eat, reading him some first day of school books, taking the picture. I bet that really helped him think of it as an exciting (if a little scary) event.


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