Awesome Opportunity For A Young Woman!

I love being a part of the #GlueNGlitter community in Collective Bias because I get to connect with some of the wonderful people at Elmer’s and be a part of some awesome things they are doing. Today I want to share one of those opportunities with you! Here are the details:

At the 2011 International Year of Youth Culmination Celebration, girls will have the opportunity to speak out, change the world and be heard. And your young girl (or neighbor, friend, niece, etc.) can be part of this!  The celebration will be held August 11th, 2011 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. It’s a 1-day event from 8:30am until 5:00pm. This event is powered by AllyKatzz, an amazing on-line community for teen/tween girls only.

Elmer’s is a proud sponsor for this amazing summit and they want to see girls from the Glue ‘n Glitter family right there in NYC on August 11!

While 192 delegates will be selected from across the country, THREE will be selected directly from the Glue ‘n Glitter family and their blogging communities (that’s YOU guys)!

So who do you know that is interested in changing:

1.     Poverty and Hunger

2.     Universal Education

3.     Gender Equality

4.     Child Health

5.     Maternal Health

6.     Combat HIV/AIDS

7.     Environmental Sustainability

8.     Global Partnership

These are the eight millenium goals that were adopted by the United Nations.

Please help us find that special girl and have her apply to be a delegate at the Celebration! Click here for the application. They will need to register as an AllyKatzz too. Applications must be received by JULY 11, 2011, so help her apply asap! In addition to the huge honor of being a delegate and having her voice heard, girls will also hear from awesome mentors like Monique Coleman and world leaders (TBA).

In order to be considered for the Glue ‘n Glitter delegate seats, she must answer the question “How did you hear about the Youth Celebration?” with “Elmer’s Glue ‘N Glitter”. This question is right on the application.


If you, or a young woman you know, are applying I’d love for you to share in the comments below. Good luck to everyone who applies!

(Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post.)

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