Making Pizza Sandwiches #SafewayDairy

June is National Dairy month so I wanted to celebrate the last day of it by making something full of cheesy goodness. I looked on for inspiration and found a recipe for Pita Pizza. I headed to my local Dominick’s to buy the ingredients I needed. You can see pictures and read more about my shopping trip here.

Once home from the store I started making the pita pizza but decided to change the recipe up a bit and make a pizza sandwich. I thought this would be easier for my toddler and my preschooler to handle and less messy for them to eat.

Ingredients Needed:

-Medium Sized Pita/Flatbread (you will need two pieces)

-Pizza sauce

-Mozzarella cheese

-Toppings of your choosing (veggies, meats, etc.)

How to make pizza sandwiches:

1. Lay one pita bread out on the grill (I used my George Foreman grill because I am a blog ambassador for them but you can use an outdoor grill if you prefer.) Cover it with sauce.

2. Add your pizza toppings. We chose to make a vegetable pizza.

3. Add a layer of mozzarella cheese.

4. Cover with another pita bread and close the grill. Cook until cheese is melted.

5. Once it is done cut it into pieces.

The pizza sandwiches turned out delicious. My boys love dairy in any form and pizza is one of their favorite foods so I’m happy I found a way to make pizza at home easily.

(Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of the June Dairy program for Safeway. All thoughts are my own.)

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