Colgate #BuildingSmiles Tour

My children love to brush their teeth. A few weeks ago we headed to Walmart to get some groceries and I needed to pick Lucas up a new toothbrush and you should have seen these kids in the dental care aisle. You would have thought I was handing out toys and candy with as excited as they were. They each left the aisle with a new toothpaste and toothbrush and were content with those items the whole time we were in the store. As soon as we got home they wanted to go upstairs and brush their teeth. I made them eat dinner first and then they {literally} ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. They climbed up on their little stool and brushed their teeth. For almost 15 minutes. They only stopped because I made them go to bed.

Since my kids love brushing their teeth as much as they do I was excited to hear about Colgate’s Building Smiles event. Colgate is sponsoring an RV to travel around the United States to offer dental screenings to children for FREE. I knew my children liked to brush their teeth but wanted to see what a dentist would have to say about how well they (and I) were doing.

We went to this event last weekend when the RV was in a nearby town. Both boys have not been to the dentist yet. My doctor said they didn’t have to go until they were three years old and my oldest son just turned three a couple weeks ago. Since they had never been to the dentist they were a little leery about someone they didn’t know sticking their hands in their mouths but they both did pretty well. The dentist said Jake’s (my oldest’s) mouth looked great and Luke’s (my youngest’s) teeth looked ok but we could do a better job helping him clean them. Each child left with a goody bag including a new toothbrush, sample of toothpaste, coupons for Colgate products, a brushing chart, and a dental screening “report card”. You can view more pictures from the event here.

Want to see if Colgate’s RV will be coming to your town? Check out the location list here.

(Disclosure: This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #CollectiveBias. All opinions are my own.)

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