Family Fun Friday: Making Homemade Pizza

Friday nights were always my favorite meal of the week because it was pizza night! We used to get pizza delivered but I’ve discovered that homemade pizza is even better because it’s fun to make {and cheaper}!

We recently made a cheese, ham, tomato, and mushroom pizza. It was sauce-less because the jar of pizza sauce had broken just half an hour earlier but still tasted delicious. Have you ever made pizza with your family? If not, why don’t you do so this weekend and leave a note to let me know how yummy your made-with-love-pizza was!


  1. My fiance has tried making homemade pizza…never tastes exactly verygood lol. If you have a good recipe share it please! Especially dough…he can never do dough haha

    Share the Comment Love! Peace and Cookies!

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