Shoe Shopping

I love shoes. My post-college years were spent buying the most stylish shoes I could afford. Most were impractical for everyday wear but so cute that I just *had* to have them!

Now that I am a mom those shoes sit and collect dust in my closet. I wear them to events and for the {very} occasional night out, but for the most part they don’t get worn. Why? Because now I am all about comfort. Chasing around two toddlers in high heels is not something I want to do. I wear gym shoes, boots, and any time it’s not below freezing, flip flops.

When I had the chance to go shoe shopping to buy a pair of comfortable shoes from Hush Puppies I jumped at the chance. I first looked online to see what their selection looked like. They had some really cute sandals that would be great for summer and would make me look more “put together” than my flip-flops did.

My favorite sandal from Hush Puppies

I used the store locator on the Hush Puppies website and found three stores by me that carried Hush Puppies shoes. I wanted to call to double check they carried them before leaving and I am glad I did. Store #1 I called said they did not have any Hush Puppies shoes. Store #2 and store #3 didn’t exist according to their store websites and the numbers I had for these locations weren’t valid phone numbers. I was disappointed because I thought I wasn’t going to get to go shoe shopping after all.

The next day I saw someone had tweeted that they bought their shoes at Sears. I looked online and discovered that department stores did sell the shoes. Of course I discovered this 45 minutes before my local mall closed for the day. I threw on shoes and ran out of the house {in my pajamas} to the store. I chose Macy’s because in the few minutes of research I’d done their website seemed to have the best selection of Hush Puppies shoes.

Once at Macy’s I searched for both men’s and women’s Hush Puppies shoes. I figured I’d surprise Sinisa with a pair of shoes he could wear to work but discovered that men’s Hush Puppies shoes were not sold at that store but only online. I then looked for myself. I found five pairs of Hush Puppies shoes on the top shelf of a wall display. They had four flats and one pair of sandals to choose from. I wish there had been more of a selection of Hush Puppies shoes and more sandals to choose from with summer coming.

The shoe I bought

I ended up buying a pair of shoes called “Sonnet”. I loved the brown coloring of the shoes and the detail on the front. I liked how soft they were on the inside and knew that these shoes would be very comfortable for every day wear.

(Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. All thoughts are my own.)

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