Great Resource For Moms: Maximize Your Mornings

There is no featured mom of the week today. Instead, I wanted to share about a wonderful resource I found on

Kat has created a FREE e-book called “Maximize Your Mornings: Take Control Of Your Day Before It Starts”. I have just read this and am encouraged to have quiet time in the mornings.

In this e-book she shares why getting up early is so important, how to develop a prayer and Bible study plan, and how to plan your day so you get more things accomplished. She also has some great forms and charts to help you plan and stay on track.

Learn how to create an effective morning routine here—->

If you download the e-book please let me know. I’d love to encourage one another in building this habit. Also, if you are on Twitter you can find encouragement from other women waking early by following the hashtag #hellomornings. (If you are new to Twitter and need help with it just email me.)

(She also has other great resources including creating a mission statement for moms e-book, a prayer chart for praying for your children, and a prayer chart for praying for your husband.)

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