Making Time For Mommy Monday (Week 1)

Today’s featured mom is Emily who blogs at The Joyner Family and can be found on Twitter @joyneremily.

Here’s how she “makes time for mommy”:

As a current mom of one–with only a couple weeks until I’m a mom of two–it’s easy to completely laugh at the idea of “me” time. However, I know it’s important, and for each mom, “me” time could mean something different.

I absolutely love driving to and from work each morning. After I drop my daughter off at her babysitter’s house, some days I blast s the radio to sing and dance, other days I drive in peace and quiet to think and pray. I sometimes use that time to catch up on phone calls with friends. No matter what I do, that is time for me!

After my little one goes to bed for the night and the kitchen’s clean from dinner, sometimes I sit with my husband to watch TV or I head upstairs to read or watch my own shows. Regardless, almost every evening I have a good 30 minutes of relaxation time before my head hits the pillow. It’s amazing how wonderful that time can be!

I would love to see how other mommies spend find ways to make time for themselves!


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