Making Time For Mommy Monday

One of my New Year’s goals is to include more “life” and “mom” related posts on my blog. I will be starting a new feature on Mondays called “Making Time For Mommy Monday” where I will feature ways that moms make time for themselves.

One great part of this is that it’s not only going to be for mom’s who blog. Any mom can be featured who would like to share how they make time for themselves. This feature will start next Monday.

You can contribute a story, make a list, share a picture… however you would like to share works for me.

To be featured on “Making Time For Mommy Monday” please email me at: [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name (first name only) and, if you are a blogger, any links back to your site. If you have a Twitter or Facebook page you’d like to include as well please do so.

I’m so excited to start this series and ready to be inspired by you all! :)

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