Top Ten Tuesday: Blog Statistics

Sometimes looking at the site statistics for Making Time For Mommy make me laugh. Sometimes they make me cry. And sometimes they make me scratch my head in amazement. Here are ten random facts about my site according to WordPress:

1. Twitter has brought me more blog readers than any other site.

2. My biggest blog referrer to date is: (meaning that site has sent me the most traffic since 2008).

3. When it comes to search engine terms the most common one that leads people to my blog is: “Croatian sayings”. This is funny to me since the only place I mention Croatia at all on my blog is on my “life goals” page where I state that one of my goals is to be able to speak Croatian fluently.

4. My post about my nephew’s Toy Story birthday party and my niece’s ladybug birthday party posts each get more views than both my children’s first and second birthday party posts combined!

5. Though I only have a few posts that talk about crochet items on my blog, I get someone coming to my blog everyday who has used a search term with the word “crochet” in it. Hope they are not looking for directions on how to crochet because they would be very disappointed!

6. My first month of blogging I only got 30 page views. That’s about one per day.

7. Maybe it’s because my post titles my first month of blogging were the dates the post was written and not what the actual post was about….

8. Other than directing people to my facebook, my twitter, and the link to subscribe to my blog’s feed, the most commonly clicked link on my blog is to a fabulous Etsy shop called Mimi’s Babies.

9. My most popular non-giveaway post to date is: Ultimate Blog Party

10. Even more awesome than all these statistics?? YOU, MY READERS!! Thank you! :)

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  1. Great List! I love seeing what searches have led people to my blog. I still find that my favorite search to my blog is “granny panties”. Yes, I did mention those in a blog post once! Sadly, they were in reference to my very own underwear!


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