I Am Moving!

After months of searching for the right home we have finally found a place… the catch? After viewing it this past Saturday, getting approved on Monday, and signing the papers yesterday we are moving THIS SATURDAY! So much to do in such a short period of time means that I have to take a “break” here at the blog for the rest of this week and next week. A few posts may pop up here and there since I already have some scheduled but I will not be updating regularly. Don’t worry though, when I come back I will have more awesome gift ideas to share, more giveaways, and many cute pictures of my children (and our new home)!

What tips do you have for making the moving process easier? I would appreciate any tips you can give me! :)

Here are some specific questions I have:

1) Where do you start?

2) How do you unpack with two toddlers?

3) How long did it take you to unpack everything?

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  1. 1. I ended up starting in the bedrooms and putting books and such away. Then I moved on to the bathroom and finally the kitchen. I ended up labeling every box I packed depending on which room it went to and what was in it. This made it so much easier to just carry it in and put it in the room it belonged in.

    We actually left Dylan with our SIL for a few hours so we could unpack a little bit. Otherwise, he was with us every step of the way.

    I think it took me 2 days to get everything unpacked. I hate clutter though so I wanted it done as soon as possible.

    Good luck with the move! Everything will work out just fine.

    Where are you guys moving to?

  2. When we moved in to our new house last year, it went very smooth. We kept our kids involved as much as possible ad made it fun for them. We gave them a couple small boxes and let them pack up their toys themselves. This gave them a sense of helping with the moving process.

    I started in the bedrooms, then living room, dining room, kitchen (all things I didn’t need right at that point) and then to the bathroom. I labeled every box with what room it went in to and what was in it so we knew where to put it in the house and then where to put it in that room.

    Good luck and hopefully I helped you guys a little bit with my suggestions.


  3. WOW!!! You are going to be a busy girl. Here are a few tips:
    1. label boxes for the room they will go in your new home, such as kitchen, master bed room, large bathroom, etc.
    2. Let the kids unpack their own boxes…this keeps them busy and mommy can always go back later and clean up.
    3. You might want to number your boxes by priority..kitchen#1 will be the most urgent to unpack, bathroom #4 can wait awhile. This way your can unpack the necessities first and save the rest to do as you can!
    Good Luck, If you were moving next door to me I’d love to tend your kids while you moved…

  4. Yes, labeling boxes is important. If you have movers it will help them know where to put things instead of having to ask you every five minutes. Then you can upack in one room while they are in another.

    In addition to unpacking their own stuff, you can be sure to have crayons and paper handy so the kids can draw pictures to decorate their new rooms.

    I usually start unpacking the living areas first: kitchen and family room. Then I find the sheets and make the beds. I need to make a cup of tea to tackle a huge task, which is why I usually start in the kitchen.

    Congratulations on the new place.


  5. We’ve packed with toddlers before. Not fun. But here’s my suggestions:

    1. Leave their toys for last, except one box of a few toys they like to play with but wouldn’t miss too much (not favorite loveys), a blanket (or two in this case), some diapers, wipes, and something to change them on (portable mat or whatever) and sippy cups. Bring those to the new place so that if they come with you during the packing at any time they have something to do and all the essentials.

    2. When you move, the FIRST thing you should put in your car to bring to the new place is a roll of toilet paper. That way if you or anyone helping you moves needs it at the new place you’ll have some.

    3. Let your toddlers help where they can (packing up their own toys….even if they pack and unpack them a hundred times. If those are the last things you bring it won’t matter until the last trip. If you are packing in the kitchen get them busy “helping you” pack up the cubbard with all the plastic non-breakable stuff. Again, if they do it wrong or un-pack it, at least it keeps them busy and you can always re-pack it later.

    4. On moving day, try to get babysitting.

    That’s my best suggestions. :-)

    (No reply expected…I know you’ve got your hands full!)


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