Spinbrush- My Way Review

(Review by Liz of Making Time For Mommy’s Product Review Team)

The Spinbrush My Way is an electric toothbrush made for children. I would recommend the usage of the brush for children ages 3-12 based on it’s compact size and appeal.

The toothbrush comes loaded with a variety of stickers to decorate your toothbrush and 2 AA batteries. The only area of difficulty we encountered was removing the sticker from the backing. Even for the tiniest fingers it was difficult and adhered to your fingers rather quickly. This however is a plus because the stickers cling quickly to the toothbrush and stay on without any difficulty after many uses.

As we applied the stickers we realized that there were many fun stickers and not enough space left on the toothbrush itself, which is a good thing. My daughter really enjoyed making her own toothbrush.

The finished product has had many uses, a few tumbles here and there with no problems, the batteries have held up and toothpaste is easy to apply and remove with a quick rinse under the faucet. A child can operate the toothbrush with ease by moving the jewel into the on position, which remains on, and will bring many excited tooth brushing sessions to come.

(Disclosure: We received this product for free in exchange for our honest opinions about it.)

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