My New Gig

Some of you may know already through Facebook or Twitter that I am the new Brand Manager for Living My MoMent but I just wanted to “officially” announce it here.

Living My MoMent is all about supporting MoM and DaD owned businesses and blogs. Here is what Abbey (owner of Living My MoMent) says about her business: “Our country is in one of the worst recessions since the great depression and it’s hard to keep small businesses afloat let alone advertise for them. These types of businesses are usually hit the hardest when the economy is bad and I don’t want to see all of their efforts go to waste. So why not offer FREE ADVERTISING. And that’s what I do!”

Abbey offers many forms of advertising but if you are a MoM or DaD who blogs or owns a small business here is a form you can fill out to be featured FREE on

Blog Form

Business Form

Regardless of whether you blog or own a business, I hope you will check out and support MoMs and DaDs.

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