Tot School: Apples


Craft- Apple Print Wreath

Song- A Wiggly Worm

Activity- Go to the library to get apple themed books

Snack- Apples with peanut butter


Craft- Pom Pom Apple Tree

Song- Apples and Bananas (Barney song)

Activity- Play with cinnamon scented play dough

Snack- Applesauce


Craft- Color apples- red, green, and yellow

Song- Apples

Activity- Family outing- apple picking

Snack- Apples from the apple tree


Craft- Apple seed collage (glue apple seeds to paper)

Song- 1 little, 2 little, 3 little apples

Activity- Counting apples (numbers 1 to 5)

Snack- Apple chips


Craft- Apple Prints

Song- Apple, Apple

Activity- Make apple muffins

Snack- Apple Juice and graham crackers

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