TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator Review and Giveaway

If you have a child in high school or college (or are in college yourself) you will LOVE this new calculator by Texas Instruments. According to the company, “the TI-Nspire handheld with Touchpad empowers students to learn across different visual representations of a problem, developing a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. When students can see the math in different ways, they are able to broaden their critical thinking skills and discover meaningful real-world connections.  The Scratchpad on the enhanced home screen allows you to quickly perform calculations and graphs without saving work.  Includes a Touchpad and the ability to use the TI-Nspire Rechargeable Battery (sold separately).”

TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator Features

  • Like a computer in your hand. The versatile graphing calculator has many computer-like features, including a large, high-resolution screen, drop down menus and a built-in cursor which helps students explore problem solving strategies in real-time.
  • Save and review work. Thanks to electronic document capabilities and built-in 20 MB of storage, students can create, save and edit their work similar to the word processing and file storage of a computer.
  • 2 calculators, plus computer software, in one. Interchangeable keypads allow students to use the calculator in TI-Nspire, TI-84 Plus and TI-83 Plus modes, and included computer software brings the TI-Nspire experience to a PC or Mac.

The calculator also comes with freebies like free access to AP, SAT and ACT prep questions from The Princeton Review, free minutes of online homework help from tutor.com, and free downloadable games and applications.

My high-schoolers take:

My younger sister, Morgan, who is a freshman in high-school was excited to get this brand new calculator. She is just learning to use the calculator but is excited about all of it’s features, especially the keyboard.


One Making Time For Mommy reader will win a “Math Makeover” kit (a $200 value) which includes:

*    A new TI-Nspire with Touchpad and computer software so students can bring their graphing calculator experience to a PC or Mac.
*    60 free minutes at Tutor.com.
*    Several other fun items, including T-shirts, water bottles and cell phone charms.

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Giveaway ends on October 3, 2010 at 11:59pm Central time.

(Disclosure: I was sent a TI-Nspire Graphing calculator in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.)



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  2. I have struggled with math all my life.. it’s definitely a hard subject for me. I have had to re-take pre and beginning Algebra many times, and what a relief it was to get through them. I am now in College Algebra and need a graphing calculator and some help (tutoring). I am also not financially able to pay for a new graphing calculator which we need for the class. I was planning to rent one for a little while until I was able to find one at a decent price. They’re so expensive these days. Winning this would help me in so many ways! I can’t express how delighted I was when I saw this in my email feed this morning.. made my day. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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  4. And here’s my comment. LOL I was just telling my highschool son yesterday how badly we needed one of these.

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  7. My daughter struggles in Math and this would be so helpful for her.

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  8. I’m currently in college right know and I;m not only taking a math class that I will not even receive credits for because it is such a low introductory class. I am also in the process of getting a tutor through my schools better education program. On top of all of that, most really good calculators I’ve seen are expensive, I’m both mathematically illiterate and poor. So please I could really use this not just now but for the rest of my life. Thanks for listening have a good one.

  9. I’m currently in college right now taking a math class that I will not even receive credits for it’s suck a low lever introductory brush up class. Both my graded and high schools were poor at motivating the unmotivated I was able fluff off my math classes and they just passed me anyway. Now I’m practicing the skills, re-learning mathematics, I even have tutor set in place. My first lesson is this Wednesday and I can’t wait. Well thank you for listening, have a great day. Thanks again.

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  13. I don’t know if my child needs a math makeover but my oldest is in HS and this would help her succeed further in her classes….great giveaway!!!

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  15. And it would be for me. . . I’m back in college after a few years away, and back in science classes, where we always need a calculator! :)

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  19. I would actually like to win this for my “little” brother – he’s 16, a junior in high school, a good kid, and really likes math but he’s been struggling lately. I believe this math makeover would help him out tremendously while giving him the boost of confidence he needs. Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

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  31. My daughter is in need of this calculator as she is a teenager in HS and we don’t have a calculator. I had one but we lost it and school just started – so we need one. :) I’m bad at math but she is good in Algebra but it’s required for her to have a calculator. She’s currently borrowing a friends.

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  35. I have a daughter in High School and this year she is taking Statistics. The first required equipment was a graphing calculator and we really need a math makeover since we don’t own one. Thanks for the giveaway…. :)

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  37. My husband loved his old TI-85 graphing calculator, but after many years of use it finally died about a year ago and we’d love to have a TI graphing calculator to replace it.

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  41. My son is a senior in highschool and could really use this in math and graphics classes.

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  46. I would love this for my Senior in High school who is SO trying to find her way in the math world and is going step by step through Algebra in hopes of getting into college. She wants to be a teacher! She can take this on to college and onto her NEXT phase of math! THANKS so much, such an amazing giveaway!

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  49. My stepdaughter is in the 7’th grade and is begining more complicated math. She hates math and needs all the help she can get.

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  55. I could really use this I am going back to college after a very long time and need to take algebra and geometry classes. I reaaly need a math makeover because the only calculater I own is one from the dollar store and I reaaly can’t afford a nice one like this.

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  58. My daughter sure could use a math makeover badly. She has never found it fun or interesting and I am afraid as she gets higher in her grades she will get lost and will struggle with her math.

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  60. My teen daughter is taking Honors Math this year, but it is really stretching her to the limits of her abilities. I’m proud of her for trying something that is so difficult for her instead of just taking the easier course, so I’d love to reward her efforts and make her life a little bit easier with a calculator like this!

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