Helping Teens With Acne (Giveaway)

I don’t have teenagers but I can speak from experience (as a lot of us can) that acne as a teenager is not fun. I wanted to share some tips for moms of teenagers from Dr. Levine, a dermatologist from Chappaqua, NY, who specializes in treating teenage acne:

Tip #1: Know what to look for

It’s important to recognize acne early. It can begin simply as few blackheads or red bumps on the nose or forehead.

Tip #2: Get started early

Don’t wait for your child’s acne to become severe before starting treatment. Beginning treatment while acne is still mild can result in better and faster control of the problem.

Tip #3: Start simple

Early acne can be treated simply with over-the-counter medicated washes and topical products.  Choose well tolerated products with benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient, such as Proactiv.

Tip#4: Know when to ask for help

If your child’s acne is particularly stubborn or scarring, seek the help of a dermatologist who can aid you in creating an effective treatment regimen.



To help teens that are suffering with acne, Making Time For Mommy has teamed up with Proactiv to giveaway Proactiv Plus for Teens. It comes with the core 3-step system, along with the Advanced Blemish Treatment (which is a spot treatment), and the Deep Cleansing Wash, which can be used on the whole body.

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(Disclosure: I have not reviewed ‘Proactiv For Teens Plus’ which is the product being given away. Please consult your doctor before starting any treatment. The item will be provided to the winner directly from Proactiv.)

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