Top Ten Tuesday: Things To Do Before NYC

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I am headed to NYC in about one week to attend a blogging conference known as BlogHer. In the blogging world this is THE conference to go to with over 1,500 in attendance. This is the first of probably many posts related to the conference (apologies ahead of time if you aren’t attending) and in order to organize myself I am creating a list of things I need to do before I leave.

  1. Go shopping. My daytime looks will mostly consist of items that I already own. I do want to pick up a couple of fat sucking in tank tops though :) I also need to purchase some evening outfits for all the party hopping I am going to be doing. After trying on all the dresses I own from my pre-baby days I have discovered that I have absolutely nothing that fits me. I need to find some cute, comfy shoes to wear, too.
  2. Get a haircut. Not sure if I am going to just get the split ends trimmed off or a drastic change in look but I do know that this is a necessity. The last haircut I got was when I was pregnant with my son… he is now 13 months old…
  3. Figure out arrangements for my children. Not sure yet where they will be sleeping each night but I know they will be with family so I’m not too concerned about this one. Just gotta work out the logistics…
  4. Figure out travel related things. I am road tripping to New York thanks to the generosity of Chevrolet so we are leaving on Wednesday (two days before the actual conference starts) and we need to decide on a time to pick up the car and start our journey. I also need to choose what I am going to bring along for the very long car ride (over 13 hours-one way). I know that my computer will be with me and I am bringing the Wild Things book I won from The M.O.B. Society but other than that I’m not sure..
  5. Make a packing list and pack bags. A list is a necessity for me to ensure that I don’t forget anything. I have the worst case of mommy brain and would probably forget something important (like my wallet or my super comfy shoes) if I didn’t make myself a list. I also have to pack the boys for their “vacation”.
  6. Write and schedule some posts. Before I leave I have to make sure that I have posts written and scheduled to post on this blog and on the other sites that I contribute to. Maybe we will have some great giveaways go up including a giveaway of something fabulous I’m road-tripping with (sorry it’s not a car…)
  7. Put together my itinerary. I have never tried packing so much into so little time before. Between sessions, helping host a breakfast, being a friendly face in the Serenity Suite, meeting some wonderful bloggers in real life, connecting with brands, attending parties, maneuvering through the city, and meeting Martha Stewart (ok so maybe I won’t meet her but I AM going to her party where she MIGHT be) I am wondering when I will eat and sleep. Most likely I will end up changing things as the days go by but I can make myself a schedule and stick to it if I decide to. I can also party all night or decide to do nothing but catch up on my sleep if I want to (I am without children after all).
  8. Decide on a budget and figure out how to stick to it. I have heard that everything in NYC is expensive. I will be on my own for some meals and need to decide how much I can spend and research some food options that don’t cost $50 a plate.
  9. Clean up my house. I’d like to come back home to a clean house. Sinisa and the boys will be gone most of the time so if I clean the house it should still look decent when I get home. This is a good thing because when I come home from this five day trip at about 3am Monday morning I will probably be wanting to sleep all day on Monday.
  10. Stop stressing about the trip!!!!! and Stop spending all day long on Twitter to see what others are saying about #BlogHer10!!!!! Enough said.

What about you? If you are headed to BlogHer next week what is on your to-do list to prepare? Oh and if you have any vlogs or posts about what you are wearing feel free to leave a link below… I’m still working on to-do #10 :)

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  1. I encourage everyone to make sure that they have their business or promo cards in hand, or at the very least ordered, so that they will arrive before you leave. Also when packing make sure you pack an extra bag to carry your SWAG home. But make sure you also pack your humility. SWAG has a dark side that you have to resist.

    SMILE On!



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