Zhu-niverse Tour 2010

The Zhu-niverse Tour 2010

May 27th- October 10th

Jacob and his Zhu-Zhu pet

The Zhu-niverse Tour (sponsored by ToysRUs) stopped at Ribfest in Naperville, IL over the Fourth of July weekend.

I went because I was asked to get a group of children together to demonstrate the Zhu-Zhu Flow Dance on stage.

The Zhu-Zhu Tour

There were lots of things for children to do while at the Zhu-niverse Tour area.

The Zhu Character Generator tells you which Zhu Zhu Pet or Kung Zhu hamster you are most like.

Children can go in the life size hamster habitat trail and hamster wheel.

Children can race each other in the obstacle course.

Children can play with Zhu-Zhu pets.

They have a DS gaming station set up to play the new Zhu-Zhu Pets game.

Here are children from our group doing the Zhu-Zhu Flow Dance on stage.

Wondering if the Zhu-niverse tour is coming to your town? Here is a list of the tour dates and locations.


(Disclosure: I was provided tickets for entrance to the Ribfest for my group, a Zhu-Zhu pet, and a Pizza Hut giftcard from BSM Media on behalf of the Zhu-niverse Tour. As always, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.)


  1. Wow! Thanks for this post! I’ll be checking to see if they are coming to New Orleans! My kids are crazy about their “pets”. Have a great day!

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