Top Ten Toddler Toys


For Top Ten Tuesday today I decided to write about my toddler’s favorite toys at the moment. He is 21 months old.

#1 Thomas and friends

#2 Crayons and other art supplies

#3 Puzzles

#4 Playdough

#5 LEGOs

#6 Shopping Cart

#7 Police Rocker

#8 Jack-in-the-box

#9 Laugh and Learn Pony

#10 Blocks


  1. We have a shopping cart and it has been one of the best and favorite toys ever! And how can you go wrong with crayons—you can even eat them! ;)

  2. My little one is 21 months too and I would add some sort of riding toy. We can’t get hime off it chasing everyone around the house on a little tigger.

  3. My girls favorites are playdoh, block and art supplies and craft supplies.

  4. I love how so many of the top ten toys are “generic” and can inspire imaginative play! Those are the best kinds of toys! :)

  5. Our toddler LOVES her Little People. Such an imagination!

  6. Well I’m not surprised to see the all time favorite classics Lego’s,puzzles,coloring materials and play dough. I am how ever surprised with the Jack in the box choice because I know for a fact that a lot of toddlers are afraid with it.

    • These are just my son’s top ten favorite. Every child is different but he laughs when the jack in the box pops out. It’s kinda creepy to me too so I get most toddler’s fear of it :)

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