Watch ‘Growing Up McGhee’ Tonight On UPtv

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.

I have two boys and I often feel like my hands are full with just a couple kids. Then I heard about a family with sextuplets who had a television show and I knew I had to tune in because that mom must have some great tips on managing a household!

Once I learned who the family was that is featured on the show I realized that I remembered them from a photo I saw years ago. You may remember the McGhee family, too, from this adorable photograph below:

Janine and Brian Killian/Peters Photography

I remember seeing that image years ago when the babies were first born so I was shocked to realize that six years had passed and they now look like this:

Janine and Brian Killian/Peters Photography

How did that happen!? It seems like they grew up in the blink of an eye! (But then I realize that my kids seemed to as well….)

In the new series “Growing Up McGhee,” Ro and Mia McGhee and their sextuplets return to television as they try their best to balance a hectic life and all that comes with it, including their six different classes and all of the demands of their bustling family business. Life was busy enough taking care of six little babies, but now that their brood can walk, talk and share lots of laughs and mischief, Ro and Mia face brand new challenges and unexpected surprises that are throwing them for a loop. Diaper changes and feeding schedules have been replaced by sassy opinions, homework times six and chore charts. Not only do the kids continue to grow and learn, but the parents do too! With these six, they never know what is going to happen and never before have they felt more outnumbered.

The next episode airs tonight at 9pm EST on UPtv, with future episodes airing every Wednesday evening. I will be tuning in. Will you? Find me on Twitter tonight tweeting about the show as I watch it- my handle is @aliciamarie112 and I’ll be using the hashtag #GrowingUpMcGhee. Look forward to tweeting with you then! :)


Drop Dead Diva: Season 2 Preview

I always see promotions for shows on television, think to myself “I want to watch that when it comes out”, and then forget to tune in when they premiere. “Drop Dead Diva” was one of those shows. It looked like something I’d really enjoy but by the time I realized the season had started, it was over. Lifetime recently sent me the first episode of the 2nd season (which premieres tomorrow, June 6th, at 9pm ET/PT) to review and I loved it. I won’t miss a single episode of Season 2 because I have already set a series recording for it on my DVR.

Cast of Drop Dead Diva

I have to admit that for the first couple minutes I was thinking “what in the world is this?” because there was singing and dancing and it looked like a bad music video. After a few minutes were up I realized that Jane (played by Brooke Elliott) was just dreaming and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Part of Jane's dream

At the end of the episode I found myself wishing that I didn’t have to wait a couple of weeks to see the next one because I was curious as to what would happen with the men in Jane’s life. Whether you haven’t seen an episode or can’t wait for season 2 to start, don’t forget to be watching tomorrow night!

(Disclosure: I was provided the Drop Dead Diva season 2 premiere DVD and other press materials by Lifetime so that I could give an honest review of the show. All opinions are my own.)