10 New Cookie Recipes To Try

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One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake cookies with my family. I tend to make the same cookies year after year but this year I wanted to make some new varieties. I headed to Pinterest to see what I could find and wanted to share 10 of my favorites with you all! One of these will be in the oven on Christmas Eve but I’m still deciding on which one I want to bake.

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Eggnog Cookies from Cooking Classy

Pecan Snowballs from Southern Bite

No-Bake Peppermint Bark Cookies from The Suburban Soapbox

Strawberry Pinch Cookies from Eating on a Dime

Melting Snowmen Cookies from Better Homes and Gardens

Pecan Pie Cookies from Spend With Pennies

Hot Cocoa Cookies from Glorious Treats

Ultimate Grasshopper Cookies from Your Cup of Cake

Mocha Crinkle Cookies from Cake Whiz

I love being able to bring my tablet into the kitchen and follow recipe directions on it. I used to have to print out the recipe or write it down but now I can skip that step. Some websites even provide quick video tutorials and I can watch them while following the step by step directions as I watch. I like the crisp, clear images and the videos load really fast on my tablet all because of the Intel processor that’s inside of it. In fact, Intel Tablets have 1.9x better web performance than other tablets which means I can spend less time searching the web and more time baking this holiday season!

Baking Christmas Cookies With Betty Crocker {Prize Pack Giveaway}

Thanks to Betty Crocker for sponsoring this post and giveaway.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking Christmas cookies. I still remember all the fun I had in the kitchen when I was growing up and love reminiscing as I bake cookies with my own boys. When I was younger my favorite cookies to make were sugar cookies, corn flake wreaths, and peanut butter chocolate balls. Now that my kids are helping bake they generally are in charge of picking which cookies get made and their choices are chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies (with lots of frosting and sprinkles!)

This year Betty Crocker sent us some baking supplies and my boys were excited to see their two favorite cookie mixes in the box. Luke decided he wanted to make the chocolate chip cookies and then use the frosting and icing to decorate them. He enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with daddy for some father/son bonding time :)

Betty Crocker wants to encourage you to spend some time in the kitchen with your loved ones this holiday as well! They have created a “kid’s corner” on their website and shared the top 10 cookies for kids. Each recipe also has a short how-to video as well. Tweet your cookie creations with the hashtag #GetYourBettyOn to share them with the folks over at Betty Crocker!


One person will win a Betty Crocker prize pack that consists of:

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  • Betty Crocker™ Mixing Spoon
  • Betty Crocker™ Oven Mitt
  • “Get Your Betty On” Apron
  • Gingerbread Cookie Cutter
  • Betty Crocker™ Sugar Cookie Mix
  • Betty Crocker™ Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Betty Crocker™ Whipped Vanilla Frosting
  • Betty Crocker™ Holiday Recipe Booklet 2014 – feat. The Top 10 Cookie Decorating Ideas of 2014


Comment below with your favorite Christmas cookie

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How To Make Perfect Sugar Cookies

With baking season in full-swing I wanted to share these 9 tips from Country Woman magazine to help you make the perfect sugar cookie. I’ll be baking with the boys tomorrow so these tips came just in time!

1.    Don’t Be Too Touchy: Use a light touch when handling the dough. Over-handling will result in tough cookies.

2.    Stay Cool: Refrigerate the dough before rolling for easier handling.

3.    Avoid Sticky Situations: Prevent sticking by lightly dusting with flour both the rolling pin and work surface. Be careful—working     too much extra flour into the dough will make the cookies tough.

4.    Start Small: Roll out a portion of the dough at a time; keep remaining dough in the fridge so it stays easy to work with.

5.    Create An Even Playing Field: Roll from the center to the edge, keeping a uniform thickness. Check thickness with a ruler. Uneven dough means cookies will bake unevenly, and thinner cookies may burn before thicker ones are done.

6.    Get a Clean Cut: Dip your cutter in flour or use nonstick cooking spray to keep dough from sticking to the cookie cutter.

7.    Take Out the Tools: Keep cutouts intact before and after baking by transferring them to and from the baking sheet with a large    metal spatula or pancake turner that supports the entire cutout.

8.    Keep it Simple: Limit designs and colors when decorating. Too many colors and shapes can be overwhelming.

9.    Leave Them Out to Dry: Let decorated cookies dry overnight before packaging them for gift giving or freezing.

10 Christmas Cookies I Want To Try

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday post is a roundup of ten cookies I want to try this Christmas season.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the posts they come from.

{Note: My tried and true favorites will be coming in other posts throughout the season.}

Mint Sandwich Cookie


Peppermint Mocha Blossoms


Snowball Trees


Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies


Colorful Swirl Cookies


Eggnog Cookies With Eggnog Icing


Black Forest Crinkle Cookies


Rolo Cookies


Peppermint Milk Chocolate Cookies



Holiday Baking Party

Making Christmas cookies is one of  my favorite things to do during the Holidays. To prepare for hours of baking I ran to Walmart to pick up all of the ingredients I needed. You can view the story of my trip below.

I bought ingredients to make: peanut butter hot cocoa,  sugar cookies, chocolate peanut butter fudge, haystacks, cake mix cookies, and oreo truffles. I also bought some things to keep the little children busy while we were baking.

To start the day off right I made peanut butter hot cocoa using a recipe I got off of the ConAgra Foods website.

Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa


1 envelope of Swiss Miss cocoa mix

1 tablespoon of Peter Pan peanut butter

Hot water

Can of Reddi Wip


1. Put cocoa mix and peanut butter in a mug.

2. Gradually stir hot water into the mix.

(My note: GRADUALLY. Do it to fast and the peanut butter will be chunky at the bottom)

3. Top with Reddi Wip

The peanut butter hot cocoa tasted so yummy. Be sure to add the hot water in GRADUALLY while you stir it. If you add the water in too quickly you will end up with chunks of peanut butter at the bottom- not that I would know anything about that!! :)

First, we made oreo truffles. These are my favorite and so easy!

Oreo Truffles

Oreo truffles ready to go in the fridge

I used this recipe from Allrecipes.com. Walmart was out of Baker’s chocolate so I used almond bark instead and it worked great. My favorite part of this recipe was letting the children smash the cookies (though next time I would double the ziploc bags they were in).

Children smashing the oreo cookies

After the oreo truffles we made haystack cookies, another simple recipe. There are many ways to make these but we used only two ingredients: chow mein noodles and butterscotch chips to make a sweet, crunchy treat.

Haystack Cookies


Bag of butterscotch chips

2 cups of chow mein noodles


1. Pour the butterscotch chips into a bowl and melt them (microwave 15-30 seconds at a time, stirring in between each one)

2. Add in chow mein noodles and stir until noodles are coated well

3. Form into piles or “haystacks”

4. Let cool in the fridge and enjoy :)

Next up was sugar cookies. I didn’t like the recipe we used so I’m looking for another one (have one to share?) The children did enjoy decorating and eating the cookies though.


Sugar and Parkay before adding the rest of the ingredients

Preparing the cookies to bake

I took a video of the boys decorating the cookies and eating them. You can find that video on YouTube here.


Looks like Jacob enjoyed the cookies! :)

The last thing we made together was cake mix cookies. These tasted delicious but didn’t make as many cookies as I thought the mix would so I would double it next time I made it. Here is the recipe how we made it:

Cake Mix Cookies:


1 box of cake mix

2 eggs

1/3 cup of Wesson vegetable oil


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Add cake mix, eggs, and oil together

3. Drop into balls on a greased cookie sheet (I use PAM)

4. Bake for 7-8 minutes

While we were making the cookies the children painted ornaments to give as gifts. They had fun but boy did they make a mess!

After 5 hours of baking, decorating and painting everyone left and I tried my hand at peanut butter chocolate fudge.It turned out ok but I wouldn’t make it again.

I also made myself a smoothie with my new Hamilton Beach blender. I love this blender! It has a stainless steel base and a glass jar. It also has “wave action” to ensure drinks with no ice chunks. I also love that it has a little pouring spout at the top to keep messes at a minimum! Here is a video of me making my smoothie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c6d6utSr7A) so you guys can see the blender in action :)

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