Look Who #CrushedIt With Chiquita

Lately my family has been eating better so I was excited to introduce them to Chiquita crushed fruit snack products. Chiquita has crushed 2 servings of fruit into these little bottles and best of all, they are easy to grab on the go! Check out my ThisMoment story to learn more about my shopping trip to Dominick’s and what my family thought about Chiquita’s product.

In honor of Chiquita’s new product, they are encouraging others to share their #CrushedIt moments on their Crushed It Today Facebook page. I am inspired by some of the things that other bloggers have done!

Laila #CrushedIt by completing her Masters in counseling all while working and being a single mom.

Lisa #CrushedIt by working hard one weekend to make her backyard a beautiful place to be.

Kris #CrushedIt by ordering her business cards and crossing something off her to-do list.

Jennifer #CrushedIt by running 5.29 miles (over a mile more than she planned to run).

Cherise #CrushedIt by having success in helping her children with potty training.

Michelle #CrushedIt by gathering a large amount of items to donate to a charity.

Lisa #CrushedIt by getting stains out of her son’s white baseball pants.

Tamara #CrushedIt by surviving a 20 hour road trip with the kids.

Val #CrushedIt by finding cheap parking in the city of Chicago.

Alexandra #CrushedIt by eating healthier and exercising.

Paula #CrushedIt by saving a lot at the grocery store.

Maria #CrushedIt by catching up with the laundry.

Tricia #CrushedIt by tackling some DIY projects.


How have I #CrushedIt lately??

I have been working 60+ hours a week.

And making time for myself!

Now it’s your turn to brag on yourself!

How have YOU #CrushedIt this week??


(Disclosure: I am the Campaign Leader for the Chiquita #CrushedIt campaign through #CollectiveBias. I am being compensated for my time but all thoughts are my own.)