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  1. What a fantastic resource! Thanks for sharing :-) And I will share it too

  2. Great resource!

  3. Thank you – what an awesome resource!

  4. Thank you for such a great list. I was happy to see that I already used a few of these and even more so to see more links to help my blog along!

  5. This is so helpful, thanks for breaking it out by category! Consider it pinned.

  6. Thanks for the list of places for craft posts. I had only heard of two of them. Now I have some others to try!

  7. I love that you broke these websites down by vertical! Such a great list.

  8. Just a heads up Pinspire and Suila are no longer in business ;)

  9. What a great list so fabulous boss in there. Thanks for sharing

  10. Have noted this down. Thanks for sharing April.

  11. Just what we need! Wonderful.

  12. What a fab list. Some many sites I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Wow. Bookmarking for sure. Thank you!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing this excellent resource! I really appreciate it!


  15. What an amazing list! This is going to be really helpful! Thanks for putting this together and sharing!

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  17. This is a great post. Hanks for all the great places. .

  18. Great post I think beginner bloggers can learn a lot from this article they only think that after writing the blog post their job is done but you have to promote it as well to get more exposure and traffic. Social media presence does affect the popularity of your blog and is an also a great way to get connected with like-minded people. To get traffic is my main focus point on my blog and want to get higher rank in Alexa too. So your above article teaches me a lot, I will share my blog post wherever you said above hope this get me good going for my blog.
    As I had experienced till now, I’d say facebook and twitter are really great platforms to share the posts after publishing. StumbleUpon is a great site to get lots of traffic in a short span of time. But, I have noticed that most of the traffic is untargeted and most visitors simply bounce back from the site without even opening up any new web page…
    But great piece you posted here, thanks for sharing. Will definitely begin putting these into action for my blog posts. Some of the methods were known to me, but there were some new which have astonished me. Keep publishing such valuable content.

  19. *Mind Blown* This is an awesome list to know that I’m not limited to just the basics of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. There are so many places that I didn’t know I can get my blog at. This is very useful and I certainly appreciate it!

  20. Great list!Just what I needed. Thanks

  21. Awesome list. Many thanks for the information. Would love to work with you if there is an opportunity.

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