Top Ten Favorites From Type A Parent Conference

This past weekend I was in Asheville for the Type A Parent Conference which, for those of you who don’t know, is a blogging conference put on by Kelby. It was my second blogging conference. Last summer I went to BlogHer in New York where there were thousands of people. This conference had about 400 so it was a smaller, more intimate conference. Here are my favorite top 10 things from the conference:

Picture courtesy of Kris Cain (aka LittleTechGirl)

1) Being Understood (And Meeting Other Bloggers). I get the weirdest looks from people in my “real life” when I talk about bloggers and people on Twitter as my “friends”. At a blogging conference we all have online friends so I don’t get any strange looks because they all get me. They understand why I love blogging, why I share so much with everyone, and that Twitter is used for other purposes than talking about one’s lunch.

2) The Sessions. I can’t even begin to share everything I learned in the sessions because there was so much good information. I took a lot of notes and added a lot to my to-do list to implement. My favorite session was the closing keynote with Liz from Cool Mom Picks whose talk was entitled “The Myth Of Doing It All”. It really made me realize that I can’t do everything on my own so the first thing I did when I got home was hire someone to help me watch the kids occasionally.

3) Down Time. At BlogHer I went from one event to another and didn’t have much time for personal interactions or time to reflect on what I was learning. Type A was totally different. We had plenty of time between sessions and meals and before the night time parties to connect with others, have conversations, and really get to know these other people.

4) Asheville. Love, love, love that town! I had never been there before but now would put it on my top 10 list of places I’d like to vacation to. It’s an artsy town nestled in the mountains and seems to be very family friendly.

5) The Food. I am so thankful that there were many healthy food options available at breakfast and lunchtime. The restaurants I went to all had delicious food, too. I ate outside of my “comfort zone” when we went to Zambra’s, a tapas restaurant, where I tried portions of foods that included ingredients I’d never heard of before.

Picture taken by Mel of A Broken Compass

6) The Parties. Each night there were parties at the hotel for us to attend. I was so tired by the end of the day that I didn’t stay out too late but I did attend them all, even if just for a short amount of time. My favorite party was put on by Clever Girls Collective and sponsored by UbiSoft. There was a Smurfs Dance Party which I had said I was not going to participate in because I had never played the game nor am I that great of a dancer. Kim asked me to join the group she was putting together for Collective Bias so I agreed I would join in and embarrass myself. It was fun but we didn’t win. I did however, win one of the door prizes which was a Wii and some video games which made me the happiest woman ever. I have already informed my children that it’s “mommy’s” but I will share with them :)

7) The Conference Sponsors. There were some wonderful companies at the conference including some I had never heard of. I enjoyed talking to the sponsors and came home with some great products for my family.

8) My Roommates. I stayed in a hotel room with Jill of Musings from Me and Kris of Little Tech Girl. I enjoyed getting to know both of them and actually ended up spending most of my time with Kris which was great because it seems like she knew everyone! She also seems to know everything about technology and is going to redesign my blog for me in the coming months :)

9) Roadtripping. Dodge gave Kris and I a Dodge Caravan to drive to the conference. It was a long ride from Chicago to North Carolina and back but it made the conference affordable since we didn’t have to pay for transportation. This van has so many awesome features that it needs it’s own post.

10) My Conference Sponsor. My ticket sponsor was New Blog Hosting and Peter, the owner, was also at the conference as a conference sponsor. I enjoyed representing such a great company who really wants to work with bloggers and provide them with affordable hosting options. I  loved that I was working with a company that donates part of the hosting fee to charity and also loved providing my blogger friends with some chocolate and a chance to win a couple great prizes.

(Disclosure: My travel was provided by Dodge and my ticket provided by New Blog Hosting but all thoughts are my own.)

Eating While Out Of Town #knockoutthefat

This week I spent a few days out of town in Asheville, North Carolina at a blogging conference. I brought along healthy snacks (including fresh fruits and vegetables) to snack on during the car rides. While at the conference we were fed breakfast and lunch. I was both surprised and excited that there were many healthy options to choose from. For breakfast I ended up eating scrambled eggs and fruit. Lunches varied but one day there was a chicken and cabbage wrap which tasted better than I thought it would. I tried to eat as healthy as I could at breakfast and lunch because I knew I would be going out to dinner at some delicious restaurants so I wanted to save the calories for those foods. My dinners included seafood, tapas, and a salad with chicken and apples. I ended up turning down some heavenly sounding food including bacon wrapped scallops covered with maple syrup.

I ended up losing weight this week, two pounds to be exact! Even better? I am at the lowest weight I’ve been so far during this challenge- 186.6! That is a total of 5 pounds lost since I started in May. My BMI is currently 30.1 which is .1 away from my goal BMI.

(Disclosure: I am part of the George Foreman Knock Out The Fat Weight Loss Challenge. I am being compensated for participating in this 90-day challenge but all thoughts are my own.)

#KnockOutTheFat Weekly Update

This journey of weight loss has been a continuous battle for me. In the past month and a half I have been frustrated with the weight the scale showed. I thought that by starting this challenge I would see the pounds come off each time I weighed myself but that is not the case. I am eating healthier and exercising more but apparently I am not doing a good enough job at the two because every other week I gain weight. I currently weigh 188.6 pounds which is the same exact weight I weighed two weeks ago but over a pound more than I weighed at my last weigh in. I weigh 3 pounds less than I did at the start of the Knock Out The Fat Weight Loss Challenge. My BMI is at 30.4.

This week should be a challenge because I will be out of town at a blogging conference for the last half of it. I am sure I will be faced with a lot of unhealthy eating options so I am bringing my own healthier options. I also plan to put fruits and vegetables in a cooler to take with for the road trip so I don’t get tempted by fast food restaurants. For exercise I will be going on the morning walks and hope to find a gym at the hotel. I am also going to remember what I learned a few weeks ago- “moderation”. I will let myself enjoy my time at the conference and indulge in something I really want to eat but will do so in moderation.

(Disclosure: I am part of the George Foreman Knock Out The Fat Weight Loss Challenge. I am being compensated for participating in this 90-day challenge but all thoughts are my own.)

Announcing My Type A Parent Conference Sponsor (And A Giveaway)

I am pleased to announce my ticket sponsor to the Type A Parent Conference is New Blog Hosting. New Blog Hosting offers affordable blog hosting and also blog design. I am excited to be helping represent this company for a number of reasons:

In discussing how we would work together and what his goals were Peter said the following in an email to me: “helping people is more important than making money.” Obviously, everyone wants to make money but he really wants to go to this conference to share his expertise and knowledge with others. That is the kind of business owner he is and those are the kind of people that I like to work with.

Another thing I love about New Blog Hosting is that $15 of every hosting package bought goes to Charity. Peter and his family are saving money to buy a well for people in Africa. I wrote about this cause back in March because it’s important to me, too!

So he likes to help others and money goes to charity…but what about the hosting? you may ask. For $35 per year you get reliable hosting. He will even help with data transfer if you already have a blog and need help moving it. I have never transferred my site but I have heard horror stories about lost data. I couldn’t imagine posts I’ve lovingly written gone because I attempted to do things myself.


Will you be at the Type A Conference next weekend?

If so, watch for tweets from me to find out where I am throughout the conference. Exchange business cards with me and have the chance to win either a year of hosting from New Blog Hosting or a Starbuck’s gift card! I also may have an extra treat to share with you but you’ll just have to wait to see what it is ;)


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(Disclosure: I am attending Type A Conference this weekend thanks to my sponsor, New Blog Hosting. All opinions are my own.)