Tot School: Spiders

MONDAY Activity: Visit the library for spider themed books Craft: Spiderweb art Song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider Snack: Pretzel Spiders TUESDAY Activity: Spider Tweezing Craft: Spider Craft Song: Spider Song WEDNESDAY Activity: Read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle Craft: Eensy Weensy Tracks Song: Spider on the Floor (Raffi) Snack: Spider Pizza THURSDAY Activity: … Read more

Tot School: Farm Animals

MONDAY Activity: Visit the library for farm themed books Craft: Peek-A-Boo Barn Craft (Jake will color pieces) Song: Old MacDonald Had A Farm Snack: Crackers and Cheese TUESDAY Activity: Play with Little People farm and animals Craft: Cotton Ball Sheep Song: Baa Baa Black Sheep WEDNESDAY Activity: Read the Farm Animals e-book Craft: Touch and … Read more

Tot School: Zoo Animals

MONDAY Activity: Visit the library for Zoo themed books Craft: Sponge paint animal shapes Song:The Elephant Song Snack: Animal Chips TUESDAY Activity: Play with Little People animals Craft: Paper Plate Lion Song: Five Little Monkeys WEDNESDAY Activity: Dress-up in animal costumes Craft: Foam Animal Sticker art Song: Barney Alphabet zoo song Snack: Animal shaped sandwiches … Read more

Tot School: Apples

MONDAY: Craft- Apple Print Wreath Song- A Wiggly Worm Activity- Go to the library to get apple themed books Snack- Apples with peanut butter TUESDAY: Craft- Pom Pom Apple Tree Song- Apples and Bananas (Barney song) Activity- Play with cinnamon scented play dough Snack- Applesauce WEDNESDAY: Craft- Color apples- red, green, and yellow Song- Apples … Read more

Tot School: Celebrating Fall

Here are some of the activities I have planned for the week: MONDAY: Craft- Falling Leaves Song- The Leaves on the Tree Activity- Go to the library for fall themed books TUESDAY: Craft- Faux Stained Glass Leaves Song- Leaves Are Falling Activity- Rake up leaves and jump in them WEDNESDAY: Craft- Leaf Prints Song- Little … Read more

Tot School: All About Me

Jacob is 27 months old. This week (and probably the next month) will be light with activities as we pack and prepare to move. MONDAY Activity: Look at family photos and help Jacob point out himself in the pictures. Craft: Handprints on paper (w/ paint) Song: I Am Special TUESDAY Activity: Point out body parts- … Read more

Tot School- The 5 Senses

This week in tot school we are talking about the FIVE SENSES. I had so many ideas for this theme that I almost finished the lesson plan in about 20 minutes with just ideas that I had used in the past as a preschool teacher. A lot of these activities can serve multiple categories but … Read more

Tot School- Friendship

This week in Tot School the theme is: FRIENDSHIP and the letter F,f. MONDAY Activity: Look at pictures of friends and say their names. Talk about what a “friend” is (very basic). Craft: Fingerpaint the letter F Song: ‘Make New Friends (but keep the old)’ Book: Winnie the Pooh- Two Friends TUESDAY Activity: Decorate a … Read more