Letter “F” Crafts & Activities

Time for the new letter of the week! This week I’m sharing letter “F” activities. Which one is your favorite?


4 Halloween DIY Craft Projects

Trick-or-treat! Time to paint pumpkins, decorate with spooky spiders and skeletons, and whip up some cute, clever costumes—Halloween is almost here! Below are 4 easy DIY craft projects you can do.

No-Sew Critter Costume for Kids: Is making a Halloween costume for your child always a problem because you’re not a sewing expert? No worries—this year your child will look festive and creative and you won’t even have to pick up a needle! All you’ll need is felt, a glue gun, and ribbons for your child to be the cutest fox, deer or skunk anyone has seen! This quick and easy craft is the perfect costume for this Halloween. For a full list of instructions and materials, please visit: http://www.countrywomanmagazine.com/project/woodland-masks-no-sew-craft/


Glitter Pumpkins:  Painting pumpkins with funny faces may be fun, but making a pumpkin glitzy and glamorous is even better! Put the pizazz in your pumpkins with a dusting of fine glitter. On a mantel or your autumn-themed table, these pumpkins will sparkle in sunlight and glisten in candlelight. For a list of materials, visit: http://www.countrywomanmagazine.com/project/glitter-pumpkins/


Candy Corn Goodie Bags: For a Halloween party, a Thanksgiving favor or even “just because it’s fall,” these candy corn goodie bags will delight everyone with their familiar shape and colors. Stuff with wrapped candies and hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, or give them out to guests at a Halloween-themed dinner party! For step-by-step instructions, see: http://www.countrywomanmagazine.com/project/candy-corn-goodie-bags/

Halloween Birdhouse Crafts: Forget cheery robins and bluebirds—these vibrant birdhouses invoke instead Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller “The Birds” and Edgar Allan Poe’s timeless poem, “The Raven.” This DIY Halloween craft project takes these boring birdhouses from garden-cute to Halloween ready! For a full how-to, check out: http://www.countrywomanmagazine.com/project/birdhouse-halloween-crafts/


For additional creepy crafts, spectacularly spooky décor and clever costumes, visit Country Woman Magazine.

(All ideas and images are courtesy of Country Woman Magazine.)

Decorating Pumpkins With Ribbons

Pumpkins and ribbon have a lot more in common than you think. They both come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Did you ever think to put the two together? This fall, decorate your pumpkin with ribbon. It’s a fast and easy way to get your pumpkin out on display in your home or apartment!

Duration: 15 min


  • Pumpkin
  • Glue gun (and glue sticks of course)
  • Ribbon


1. Pick your pumpkin

Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Any pumpkin will work perfect for this project. Pick the one that is right for you. Just keep in mind that the bigger your pumpkin, the more ribbon that you will need to use.

2. Pick your Ribbon

Like pumpkins, ribbon comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and even patterns. Any fabric type ribbon will work. Pick your favorites and move to step 3.

3. Measuring

Measure your ribbon to pumpkin ratio. Place the end of the ribbon at the top of the pumpkin – just next to the stump. Continue to wrap the ribbon vertically around the pumpkin until it meets the other side of the pumpkin at the stump. Trim off the excess ribbon.

4. Glue

Using your glue gun; place a bead of glue at the top of the pumpkin then secure one of the ribbon. Repeat this step to secure the other end of the ribbon. Be creative and layer the ribbons!

5. Bow

To finish off your ribbon pumpkin, tie a bow at the top with coordinating ribbon colors.

(Disclosure: Images and directions provided by rent.com.)

Letter “E” Crafts & Activities

This week I’m sharing letter “e” crafts and activities. Check out my Pinterest board for lots of fun egg, elephant and eagle ideas!


Grocery Store Activity For Kids

Make your next grocery shopping trip with your kids fun! Have your children put together the grocery list by cutting pictures out of grocery store paper inserts and gluing them on to paper. While you are at the store your young kids can use the pictures to find what you need.

My two boys (who were both preschool age) spent over an hour on this activity. I’d suggest sitting them at the kitchen table to work on this while you clean out the fridge and get it ready for the new groceries so you can supervise them while they are using scissors and can still get something done that you need to.

Supplies Needed:

  • Child Scissors
  • Glue
  • Grocery store inserts or pictures of food
  • Construction paper or printer paper

Letter “D” Crafts & Activities

This week I’m sharing letter “D” crafts and activities. Check out my Pinterest board for lots of fun ideas!


DIY Pet Rock With Mustache

Isn’t this a cute pet rock?! Lucas made it at Awana. Here are the directions to make one.

Materials Needed:

  • Rock
  • 1 Feather boa (in a hair color)
  • 1 Pipe cleaner (in a hair color)
  • 2 Wiggly eyes
  • 1 Small craft pom pom
  • Hot glue gun or another quality glue to glue items on securely


  • Cut a portion of boa and glue to top of rock for hair
  • Glue 2 wiggly eyes on to the rock for eyes
  • Glue small craft pom pom for a nose
  • Cut a small portion of pipe cleaner for moustache (this one was twisted into an 8 shape but feel free to design your own!)

Decorating Pumpkins With Candy

In the October issue of Food Network Magazine, now on newsstands nationwide, our editors dream up fun, no-mess ideas for decorating holiday pumpkins. We used gumdrops, candy corns, marshmallows, cotton candy, M&Ms and royal icing to make pumpkins as cute as they are creepy. The best part? Some of the designs require little or no carving, so you and your family can have a blast without the mess.

Image courtesy of: Lisa Shin 

To create the Mad Scientist Pumpkin

For the hair: Pull apart cotton candy and attach small tufts to the pumpkin with royal icing.

For the eyes: Separate 2 chocolate sandwich cookies and, using royal icing, attach the 2 pieces that have filling on them to the pumpkin, filling-side out. Stick 1 M&M into each cookie filling.

For the ears, nose and mouth: Attach Circus Peanuts with royal icing for the ears and nose, then draw a mouth and eyeglass rims with the icing and cover the lines with red and black licorice strings.

Image courtesy of: Lisa Shin 

To create the Alien Pumpkin

For the eyes: Use a spoon to carve out small holes, then push in gumballs so they fit snugly. Draw pupils with an edible marker. For the eyelids, attach pieces of sour belt candy with royal icing.

For the ears and mouth: Attach 2 sour watermelons with royal icing for the ears, then add a sour apple ring or a peach ring for the mouth.

For the antennae: Push 2 lollipops into the top.

To make Royal Icing 

Sift 2 tablespoons meringue powder (found in the baking isle or at craft stores) and 1 pound confectioners’ sugar into a large bowl. Beat in 6 tablespoons water with a mixer until glossy with soft peaks. Transfer to a resealable plastic bag; snip the tip of one corner to pipe.

All of these fun ideas are courtesy of The Food Network. Read more here.

Pasta Pumpkin Craft

Looking to do a pumpkin craft with your kids? Check out this cute craft Lucas made at school! All you have to do is paint round pasta pieces orange and a few mostacholi pasta pieces green, let the paint dry, and then glue them on to a pumpkin shaped piece of paper. (Luke’s teacher used white paper but you can use orange to make it more pumpkin-like.)

Letter “C” Crafts & Activities

This week I’m sharing letter “C” crafts and activities. Check out my Pinterest board for lots of fun ideas!


Fall Tree Craft With Puzzle Piece Leaves

It’s almost Autumn so I had to post this adorable tree craft. The “leaves” are made with puzzle pieces that have been painted.


  • Construction paper (blue and brown)
  • Old puzzle pieces (love garage sales and resale stores for these)
  • Paint (red, orange, yellow, green, brown)
  • Glue


  • Cut a tree shape out of brown paper and glue to blue piece of paper
  • Turn puzzle pieces backside up
  • Have children use paintbrushes or their fingers to paint the puzzle pieces
  • Once the puzzle pieces are dry they can glue the puzzle pieces to the paper as “leaves”
This art project was completed by Lucas when he was three years old :)

Letter “B” Crafts & Activities

This week I am sharing my favorite letter “B” crafts and activities I’ve found on the internet. Check out my Pinterest board below!


Letter “A” Crafts & Activities

I love alphabet crafts. I’m going to be working through the alphabet and sharing my favorite crafts and activities that I’ve found for each letter. If you have a young one learning their letters this is a fun way for them to learn! Click below to be taken to my letter “A” Pinterest board!



15 Leaf Crafts & Activities For Kids

One of my favorite Fall activities is to take the boys on a nature walk and collect leaves that we normally turn into leaf collages. I want to do something different this Fall so I searched online for some other ways to use the leaves we collect and other leaf themed activities and crafts that would be fun to do. Here are 15 of the best ones I found. Enjoy!

Building Speech & Language with Leaf Man by Author Lois Ehlert from Playing With Words 365


Nature Crowns from Wildlife Fun 4 Kids


Contact Paper Nature Collage from The Chocolate Muffin Tree


Classifying Leaves from Two Little Seeds


Bean Leaf Craft from All Kids Network


Leaf Rubbing Garland from Creative Family Fun


Printable Leaf Counting Book from Enchanted Learning


Leaf Ghosts from She Knows


Leaf Turkeys from Toddler Approved


Leaf Family from Putti’s World


Autumn Trees Craft from Full Circle


Leaf Wreath from Preschool Panda


Leaf Lacing Activity from Happy Hooligans


Nature Placemat from Momma’s Fun World


Leaf People from Happy Home Fairy

4 Back To School Crafts

To get children excited about returning to the land of ABCs and 123s, Country Woman—the #1 Country Lifestyle Magazine for women who live in or long for the country—has rounded up their best DIY, kid-friendly craft ideas for the start of the school year to share with Making Time For Mommy readers. Many of the materials you’ll need are likely already laying around the house and Country Woman provides step-by-step directions for each so you can create these crafts with ease.

Here are some of Country Woman’s homemade back-to-school crafts for making the transition back to the classroom a bit more fun:

Recycled Soda Bottle Apples: This adorable apple craft will have the teacher falling head-over-heels for your little one! Two empty plastic bottles transform into an enchanted apple that can store school supplies, snacks and more. Teachers and children alike will be delighted with the whimsy of this fantastical fruit. For a full list of materials and instructions, please visit here.


Chalkboard Play Mat: Ideal for keeping young ones occupied, this play mat craft idea—made with chalk fabric—rolls up and ties shut for easy transport. Make this fun-on-the-run idea even better by stitching a pocket or two on the back to tuck an eraser and chalk in. Kids will be entertained for hours with the ability to make endless works of art! For more details, please visit here.

Shrink Art Craft Ideas: Turn your children’s drawings into wearable pieces of art! Let the kids go to town on shrinkable plastic, then bake and watch their masterpieces shrink in size. The miniature versions of their works of art can be used for key chains, jewelry, greeting cards and more! A fun project for every age and level of artist. For more details and crafting options, please visit here.

T-Shirt Pillows: Have a bigger kid headed off to college? Give them something to remember you by! Recycle old or outgrown T-shirts from sports teams, fun runs, clubs or music camps, by turning them into throw pillows. Bring a touch of home to dorm room decor! They won’t be embarrassed to display these relics of good times with mom and dad. For a full list of materials and instructions here.

What are your favorite back to school crafts?

(Disclosure: Text and images provided by Country Woman magazine.)

15 Armor Of God Activities, Crafts & Snacks For Kids

The boys participated in a Kingdom Chronicles Vacation Bible School this summer and loved it. We still listen to the CD daily. I wanted to share one of the Armor of God crafts they made while they were there and then I have found 14 other Armor of God crafts, activities, and snacks that you can do with your children or grandchildren.

Sword of the Spirit Craft {featured above}

Materials needed:

  • 2 popsicle sticks
  • 1 orthodontic rubber band (optional)
  • glue
  • shiny jewels/stickers from the craft section
  • small piece of foil


1) Break one popsicle stick in half

2) Use an orthodontic rubber band or glue to affix them like the image above

3) Wrap your small piece of foil around the long part of the unbroken popsicle stick

4) Use glue to decorate the non-foil parts of the sticks (can also use stickers if you’d like)

More Armor of God crafts, activities, and snack ideas:

Cute Armor of God Costume from Crafting the Word of God

Free Printable Games and Coloring Sheets from Church Leaders

Armor of God Felt Man from Laura Thoughts

Sword Snack from Little Nummies

Armor of God Object Lesson from Our Journey Westward

Good News Shoes from Oh Amanda

Armor of God Games and Puzzles from DLTK

Spiritual Armor from Cultivated Lives

Armor of God Balloon Craft from Christian Crafts

Paper Toy: The Armor of God from My Little House

Armor of God Snack from Life’s A Bowl of Cherries

Armor of God Felt Book Page from Katie’s Creations

 Shield of Faith & Fiery Darts Craft from Danielle’s Place

Gospel of Peace Tissue Paper Boots from black flipflop designs

Here are some other great resource as well!

(affiliate links)

Make A Plate Art Project Kits For Kids

I’ve just been given the opportunity to review the Make A Plate Art Project and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. I will be posting about my experience when I receive the kit.

If you want to make one as well, my readers save 30% on their Prepaid Art Plate Kit (that’s a savings of over $5!) – USE PROMO CODE: USFAMILY at http://www.makit.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductCode=K1100PP

Makit has been in business for over 40 years. Make A Plate kits allow children to let their creativity soar in crafting a lasting gift for Mom, Dad, Grandparent or teacher. All Make A Plates are nontoxic, BPA-Free, dishwasher safe and proudly made in the USA.

Pot O’ Gold Craft {For Preschoolers}

Love, love, love this Pot O’ Gold craft that Jacob made! It’s so easy to make and a great way for children to practice their cutting skills.

You’ll need:

3 pieces of construction paper (green, black, yellow)

Tissue paper in rainbow colors (cut into small squares)

Glue Stick


Shamrock shaped stickers or foam pieces (optional)


1) Adult should draw a large pot shape on black paper and coin sized circles on yellow paper

2) Help child cut out the shapes and glue them on the green paper

3) Talk about colors of the rainbow as child glues one of each colored tissue paper squares on the paper.

4) Add shamrocks shapes if desired

Energizer’s “Power The Creativity” Event With Crayola

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

{Sorry for the blurry picture. He was scribbling so fast I couldn’t get a good shot!}

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I had the opportunity to go to an event sponsored by Energizer and Crayola. While I networked with other Chicago bloggers and learned about some of Energizer’s new products the boys had a chance to play and try out new Crayola toys. We had a great time and it was fun to attend an event with the boys since they love seeing what mommy does when she goes to “acago” {aka Chicago}.

The first product I learned about was the Energizer Flameless candle. I had received one previously from Energizer and loved it because it had the look of a burning candle but was safe enough to have around children and pets. What I did learn at the event though was that there was a timer on it so I could set it to go on and off. I currently have my candle sitting on a high shelf in my entryway and it turns on in the early evening and offers a nice flickering of light in an otherwise dark area.

The other product I learned about were the Energizer Max Batteries with Power Seal Technology. These batteries can hold their power up to 10 years on the shelf! Wow! They’d be great for an emergency kit because they last so long.

Energizer currently has a great promotion going on with Crayola. Here are the details:

I am excited to get some of the Crayola products the kids tried out, especially the Color Wonder Light-Up Paint Pallete. Here’s what the Crayola website says about our favorite product: “Create like a real artist in a magical mess-free way! The Magic Light Paint Palette lights up to match the color of whatever paint you use. Dip the brush in blue, it lights up blue – in red it blushes red and so on!”

(Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Energizer. I attended an event and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.)


Kiwi Crate Review {Subscription Based Project Boxes For Kids}

Kiwi Crate is a subscription based service that sends crates designed around fun themes and filled with all of the materials and inspiration for hands-on projects. The boxes vary each month but feature two projects that could be anything from an arts & crafts project to a science activity.

I liked that the box was addressed to the boys. Who doesn’t love to get special packages in the mail?

This crate’s theme was “wind power” and contained all of the materials needed to make a wind car and a wind sock. They provide everything, even the scissors so you don’t need to hunt around the house for anything. You can just sit down and spend some quality time with your child.

Step-by-step picture instructions were included. Jacob chose to make the wind sock first. We started by Jacob using the pictures to tell me each item we needed. He was so proud that he could do that part by himself. We then followed the directions and put the wind sock together.

When we were done making the wind sock, Jacob went outside and hung it on the tree.

The project wasn’t over once it was outside blowing in the wind which was probably the best part about the kiwi crate. This craft project turned into a science project where Jacob could look at the wind sock and tell us how windy it was outside and then document his findings.

Lucas made a wind sock, too {though mommy did most of the work for him} and he proudly displayed his wind sock next to his big brother’s.

Overall, I love the idea of the crates. The Kiwi Crate subscription costs $19.95 per month. I think that they would make great gifts for children. They are packaged nicely and lots of fun for the kids. The boys probably didn’t even realize that they were learning while they were coloring and playing!

{Disclosure: I received a Kiwi Crate to review but all opinions are my own.}

How To Make A Rainy Day Box

When I taught preschool I had a box in my classroom closet known as the “rainy day” box. This box only came out on days that we were stuck inside due to rain or extreme heat. Now that I am a mom I wanted to make a rainy day box for my children and since today is supposed to be about 100 degrees I thought the timing couldn’t have been better.

Jacob helping me shop


I think Walmart is starting to get ready for Back to School Season…. lol

I headed to Walmart with my children to get all the supplies I needed. I debated between a cardboard box and a large clear bin to keep everything in. I thought the box would be easier to decorate but the bin would be sturdier so in the end I chose to put the items in a clear bin. See more pictures of my shopping trip in my Google+ story. Once home I gathered all of the supplies I needed to decorate our rainy day box.

The supplies I gathered

Supplies Needed:

Clear Bin (Or Medium Sized Cardboard Box)

Small Letter Cutouts

Elmer’s Dot Runner

X-ACTO Basic Shape Templates

Painters Opaque Paint Markers

Re-positionable Designer Masking Tape

How To Recreate My Box:

Use the Designer Masking Tape around the edge of the bin lid and also around the lower half of the clear bottom bin.


Punch out the letters that you will be using. Flip each letter over and run the Elmer’s Dot Runner along the back of each letter. Then stick the letters on to the lid in the locations you’d like them to be. I chose to put the words “Rainy Day Box” in the middle of my lid.


Next, it’s time to use the Painters Markers. These need to be shaken well and the tip of the marker pressed down and held down until the paint starts flowing.


Take out the X-ACTO shape templates and use your Painters Paint Marker to outline a circle.


I chose to do one color at a time, wiping off the template in between colors.


The lid all finished. I was tempted to add more spots to it but didn’t.


Once the bin was finished it was time to fill it up.


The bin is ready!

You can put anything in your bin that you think your children would enjoy. I added toys and craft supplies that would only come out on these rainy or hot days. I also added in a box of Macaroni & Cheese and {nutritious} cookies so that even lunch would be fun!

What would you put in your rainy day box?


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Crafting With DIY Network’s Jeanne Benedict And OFF!

On Thursday, June 21, I co-hosted an event for OFF!® at the Lincoln Park Conservatory & Gardens in Chicago. DIY Network’s Jeanne Benedict was on hand to share some easy ways to spruce up the backyard for Fourth of July parties and get the family offline and outdoors this summer!

The space was absolutely beautiful amidst the wonderful city views! Jeanne demonstrated the decorations we will be working on and we kicked things off by creating a floral masterpiece with red, white and blue flowers and spiced them up with additional decorations such as patriotic pinwheels and our own personalized flags we created. It was a blast! We also worked on these great table decorations filled with sand and seashells and chatted about our upcoming Fourth of July plans as well as how to help keep mosquitos as bay during the holiday.

Here are some pictures from the event:


Decorated Table


Gardening Table


Pot decorating table


Our Special Guest, DIY Network’s Jeanne Benedict


Finished Centerpieces {Photo Courtesy: Edelman}


Jeanne also shared ways that we can “log off” and enjoy the summer with our families. Here are some of her top tips for logging OFF!® while on vacation:

As I shared in my last post, OFF!® Clip-On™ Insect Repellent is a product that is fairly new to me. I have used OFF!® products since I was in grade school and am definitely loving the fact that I can get the same mosquito protection that I always did with the added bonus of convenience. I used the OFF!® Clip-On™ Insect Repellent the other day while sitting outside on my patio. I liked that, although it is a fan, the sound wasn’t that loud and didn’t bother me while I was watching my children run around the yard. The clip-on’s last up to 12 hours so I know that I can take them with me whether I’m gardening, fishing, camping or relaxing in the backyard.

(Disclosure: I was compensated for hosting an event and writing about OFF!® but all thoughts are my own.)

Fun Crafts With PVC Pipe

I love creating new things with the children and it’s especially fun to create with objects not normally found at a craft store. The ideas below are all created using PVC pipes! I think the boys and I are going to have to try the water one.

CIS Plumbing

This data in this infographic was assembled by Commercial Industrial Supply, a leading pvc pipe and fittings supplier.

(Disclosure: I was compensated for posting this infographic but text written above it is my own thoughts.)

Fourth Of July Crafts For Children

Here are some of my favorite Fourth of July crafts for kids!

Make sure to click on the pictures to be taken to the sites they come from!

Confetti Popper Rockets from alphamom


Handprint Fireworks from No Time For Flashcards


Star Spangled Welcome from FamilyFun


Pipe Cleaner Flag from Children’s Learning Activities


Uncle Sam Paper Plate from Kaboose


Tin Can Flag Windsock from Under The Table and Dreaming


Red, White, and Blue Container from Motherhood on a Dime


Flag Print from Art With Mrs. Smith


Fireworks in a Bottle from No Twiddle Twaddle


Star Prints from The Masked Mommy


Tissue Paper Stars from Preschool Crafts for Kids


Doilies Fireworks from Preschool Playbook

10 Earth Day Activities & Crafts

Earth Day is this Sunday. Here are 10 fun earth related activities and crafts your children can enjoy doing this weekend {click pictures to be taken to the sites they come from}. For even more fun ideas see my list of 100 recycled crafts for kids, all of which can be made by upcycling 25 common household materials or these kid friendly Earth Day snack ideas. And don’t miss this post on ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family.

Earth Day Printable from Share & Remember


Plant Pals from Family Fun


Tissue Paper Tree from Projects For Preschoolers


Nature Shadow Boxes from Teach Preschool


Mosaic Earth {with printable} from Make and Takes


Earth Day Coffee Filter Craft from Preschool Crafts For Kids


Free Earth Day Preschool Activities Pack from Itsy Bitsy Learners


Earth Day Letter “E” Activity from Carrots Are Orange


Puffy Paint Earth from No Time For Flashcards


Nature Collage from East Coast Mommy

Quick & Cheap Easter Craft

I found this craft kit in the Easter section at Walmart last night for less than $2. Jacob really enjoyed putting it together this morning. It came with the plain white Cross with black lines making it into a puzzle of sorts. You then had to find the matching pieces that fit in each space and stick the foam pieces to the Cross.

If you aren’t planning on trekking to Walmart today {and I don’t blame you since it will probably be a madhouse} you can recreate this at home. Just cut a Cross out of a stack of 3-5  colored pieces of paper. Remove one Cross from the pile and ut the rest of the stack of Crosses into pieces. Each time you cut the stack of crosses take one colored piece and place it in the corresponding spot on the uncut Cross so you can trace the shapes to make it puzzle like. Hand the pieces over to your child and see if they can match the pieces to the layout on the Cross. {If you have younger children I’d recommend taking a picture of the Cross with the pieces on it so they can look at the picture to figure out where the colored pieces go.} Once the pieces are all matched up, your child can then glue them onto the Cross.

Here’s one I made in about 5 minutes. I only used 3 pieces of paper but I’d recommend using a few other pieces to make your Cross more colorful.

Have fun! :)

Christ Centered Easter Crafts & Activities

I love bunny, chick, and egg crafts but, for our family, Easter is about more than that. I wanted to gather crafts and activities that focused on the reason we celebrate Easter, Jesus Christ. Here are some of my favorites I found online {click pictures to be taken to the posts they come from}:


Make Resurrection Rolls


Resurrection Garden


Colorful Light Ray Cross


Printable Resurrection Set


Resurrection Eggs {For Toddlers and Preschoolers}


Printable Resurrection Bible Craft


Stained Glass Cross


Cross Book


Telling The Story Of Easter With Jelly Beans

Easter Crafts For Kids

Keep your kids busy with these fun Easter crafts!

Click on the pictures to be taken to the posts they are from.

Paper Easter Egg Basket


Handprint Easter Chick


Textured Easter Eggs


Paper Plate Easter Wreath




Stained Glass Window Egg




Marshmallow Easter Egg

Easter DIY Crafts

Here are some great Easter DIY crafts that I’ve found online.

Click the pictures to be taken to the posts they come from :)

Easter Wreath


Egg Garland


Egg Topiary


Felt Easter Chicks


Easter Egg Ornaments


Recycled Sweater Easter Egg Basket


Polka Dotted Plaster Easter Eggs

Fun & Easy Rainbow Activity

Daddy is not a fan of crafts but enjoyed this one!

I wanted to do a quick St. Patrick’s Day themed craft with the boys so I thought of making fruit loop rainbows with them. Having seen these all over the web I knew that there were probably printables online that we could use. I came across a great one over at Making Learning Fun that had pre-printed circles for the fruit loops. This was great because it worked on one to one correspondence which is a skill both boys are still learning. They both didn’t want to make a correctly colored rainbow so I let them do it any way they wanted.

Also, just a note: Make sure your box of cereal is all “O”s. The box we got had “8” shaped red cereal instead of the typical circle shape.

Here’s how they turned out:

Here's my 2 year old's rainbow. He got a little carried away with the fruit loops. lol


Here's my 3 year old's rainbow. Though he enjoyed the activity, he has a short attention span and didn't want to finish it.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids

Here are some great St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas for kids. {Click on pictures to be taken to the posts they come from}

Leprechaun Paper Plate Masks


Lucky Handprint Craft


Shamrock Man


Noodle Rainbow


Shamrock Collage


Handprint Rainbow and Pot of Gold

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Crafts & Decorations

Here are some great St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas for moms.

{Click on pictures to be taken to the posts they come from}

St. Patrick's Day Subway Art


"LUCK" Blocks


Shamrock Wreath


Paper Crafts


Leprechaun Hats


Lucky Rainbow


Luck {made from scrabble tiles}


Rainbow Wreath

DIY Cat In The Hat Socks {Silly Sock Day}

(Find more Dr. Seuss ideas here- PARTY, TREATS, and CRAFTS.)

The next two week’s at Jacob’s preschool will be filled with Dr. Seuss inspired activities. Tomorrow is “silly sock day” so I set out to make Cat In The Hat socks.

I grabbed a pair of white socks from his drawer, wrote “CAT” on one and “HAT” on the other, and cut pieces of ribbon to wrap around the tall white sock. I used Glue Dots to stick the two sides of the ribbon together.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Have a bit more time? Check out these ones I found on Amazon (affiliate):

Dr. Seuss Themed Crafts & Activities

In less than one week we will be celebrating Dr.  Seuss’ birthday. Here are some fabulous Dr. Seuss ideas I found online {click the pictures to be taken to the posts they come from}.

Find Dr. Seuss themed FOOD here.

“Are You My Mother” activity


Dr. Seuss book cover bowling


This playdough looks like the hat!


Cute handprint craft


Fun Learning Activity


30 pages of FREE printables for preschoolers!

Here’s a fun book collection for your little Dr. Suess fans!

(affiliate link)


Get more Dr. Seuss party ideas here!


Find Dr. Seuss Themed treats here:



Jacob’s Valentines This Year

This is Jacob’s first year of school which means it’s his first time exchanging valentines with classmates. He is in Preschool so I wanted to make something fun that the children in his class could enjoy. He wanted to do Valentines with candy but edible items aren’t allowed. I had a bunch of ideas I had found when putting together my 10 DIY Valentines post so I chose to make the heart shaped crayons. I wanted to do something a little different so I got little notepads at the store and Jacob decorated each one with stickers. We got all of the stickers out and he decided what each of his classmates would like the most so each little notebook was personalized. I then printed out handwriting sheets and had him practice writing his name 15 times and used those for the “from”. I think they turned out really cute.

Making Heart Shaped Crayons


Jacob's Mailbox To Receive Valentines


Ready for the Valentines Exchange

DIY Valentines {10 Ideas}

Want to make Valentines this year instead of buying them? Check out these ideas found around the web!

{Click on pictures for directions}

Crayon Valentines


Pirate Valentines


Fishy Valentines


Lollipop Valentines


“I Dig You” Valentines


Rockin’ Valentines


Magnifying Glass Valentines




“Make Your Own Paper” Valentines


Glow Stick Valentines

Snow Themed Crafts Kids Can Make

With all the snow we got recently I was inspired to gather a bunch of snow related crafts kids can make.

{Click on the pictures to be taken to the posts they come from}:



Marshmallow Snowman


Paper Plate Snowman


Popsicle Stick Snowman


Puffy Snowman


Snowflakes And Mittens

Wordless Wednesday: Craft Time

Look, Mom!

Advent Day #16

Today we made a baby Jesus wrapped in cloths for our Truth In The Tinsel Ornament. Don’t pay attention to the fact that our baby Jesus has a green face. Haha. The only other color ball ornament I had was red so I figured green was the better choice.

Doodle Roll {Review and Giveaway}

I discovered Doodle Roll at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and thought it was a great concept and would make a wonderful stocking stuffer or travel companion.

Doodle Roll is a portable art activity kit that comes with crayons and a roll of paper. It has 15 feet of paper so it will keep the kids busy for a while. It’s also great for when you have more than one child wanting to color because there is enough paper for everyone. If that wasn’t enough, the package is designed for safe, easy tear off of the paper and if you want to keep it all on one roll the paper can easily be pushed back into the dispenser.


Doodle Roll can be purchased online or at a local retail store.

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(Disclosure: I received a Doodle Roll to review but all thoughts are my own.)

Ornament Tutorial {Frugal Gift Idea} #GlueNGlitter #ElmersHoliday

I found a fun ornament idea through Pinterest and wanted to recreate it. There were so many steps to it and I wanted to make it easier so that even people who weren’t crafty could make something pretty and so that it took less time to make. Here is my super easy, super frugal, and super cute ornament tutorial:

Gather your supplies:

-Clear plastic ornaments that open

-Scrapbook papers (No designs)

-Scrapbook letters

-Scissors (I used X-ACTO Precision Scissors)

-Glue pen (I used CraftBond Dual-Tip Flexible Pen)

-Optional: Double Sided Tape (I used CraftBond Double-Sided Tape)


Trace the plastic ornament onto your scrapbook paper and cut out the circle.


Add your scrapbook letters to the paper. You can do initials, words, whatever you'd like just leave space around the edges.


Use the glue pen to put glue around the edges of the ornament.


Match the edges of the ornament with the edges of the circle and press down. Hold down for a minute or so to secure. Wipe around outside edges to get extra glue off. It's ok if there is glue inside. It dries clear :)


Put a ribbon through the hole and glue one side to the other.


You can also make a bow and attach it with double sided tape if you want a bow instead of a ribbon to hang it.


They make great gifts, additions to packages, or you can just use them to make your tree look pretty!

You can see more pictures here in my Google+ story.

(Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #ElmersHoliday #gluenglitter #collectivebias #CBias. All opinions are my own.)

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Advent Day #14

Today’s Truth In The Tinsel ornament was making a stable. I liked this craft because it was quick and easy. We talked about how the stable probably smelled like stinky animals and Jacob thought that was hilarious. (Also, in case you missed my CHRISTmas post- there are a lot of ideas for Nativity crafts in there).

Advent Day #13

Today’s Truth In The Tinsel Ornament was Bethlehem. We used paint pens to minimize the mess and Jacob really enjoyed making it colorful. We talked about the town we live in and how Jesus was born in a town called Bethlehem and then watched a YouTube video of “O Little Town Of Bethlehem”.

Advent Day #12 {“I Spy” Craft Tutorial}

For today’s ornament in the Truth In The Tinsel the theme was census and we made an “I Spy” Mary and Joseph craft using M&M’s for Mary and Joseph. We didn’t have a baby food jar so we used a snack size apple container instead. Here’s how we made it:

How to make an "I Spy" Ornament

If you want to make this ornament I would use the baby food jar if you have it because the one I made I can’t really put on a string to hang it. I think this would be a great craft to make at any time of the year though. It would be fun to make an “I Spy” Jar for every theme that we did and hide things that go with the theme.

CHRISTmas Crafts

We are making an ornament a day using the Truth in the Tinsel Advent e-book but I wanted to share some other Advent inspired crafts others are making. {Click on the links to be taken to the posts they come from.}

Printable Nativity Set


Advent Wreath


Baby Jesus On Construction Paper


Gingerbread Nativity


Coffee Filter Angel


Advent Coloring Pages


Baby Jesus Craft


Golden Cork Angel


Nativity In A Pot


You may also enjoy my post on 7 ways to celebrate the reason for the season!

Advent Day #11

Today’s ornament from Truth In The Tinsel was about Jesus’ name. I liked Amanda’s craft for this but wanted to make it simpler for my three year old so we just used foam stickers for the letters. We talked about why that name was chosen and the letters in Jesus’ name and how His name starts with the same letter that Jacob’s does.

Advent Day #10

You may have noticed that we skipped yesterday’s Advent Ornament…that’s because we didn’t get a chance to do it. We did yesterday’s craft today and will be skipping today’s craft to get back on track. Here is the ornament Jacob made today:

Every day I am amazed at how much Jacob is learning. When I got the glitter paint out he noticed one color we had the other day was missing. He then made sure to use a crayon to put all the facial features on Joseph (including ears) and even made a little mouth with the glitter glue. Now we have a set- Mary and Joseph.

10 Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make

Kid made crafts make great gifts and decorations. Check out some of my favorites below and click on the pictures to be taken to the posts. {Looking for ornaments kids can make? Find that post here.}

Handprint Shape Angel


Sugar Cone Trees


Pine Tree


Bottle cap magnets


Paper Plate Wreath


Water Cone Cup Craft


Rudolph Gift Bag


Handprint Tree


Cotton Ball Santa


Footprint Reindeer

10 Ornaments Kids Can Make

Here are some cute ornaments that your kids can make.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the posts they are from:

Pom Pom Ornaments


Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament


Scrappy Ornament


Mess Free Glitter Ornaments


Glitter Ornaments


Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornaments


Handprint Ornament


Craft Stick Reindeer


Puzzle Piece Christmas Tree


I Spy Ornament

Advent Day #8

Today’s Truth In The Tinsel ornament was to make the sun. We substituted glitter paint for glitter foam and Jacob smeared the paint all over the ornament (which is a great sensory activity for him). He handled it okay but as soon as he was done he wanted his hand cleaned off.


If you are participating in Truth In The Tinsel, how is it going? Are your children liking the activities?