Valentine’s Day Gift Idea (Giveaway)

Thanks to Pictures on Gold for sponsoring this post.

Looking for the sweetest gift to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Whether you are buying for a significant other, child, or someone else, a piece of personalized jewelry is a thoughtful gift that will always be cherished.

For Valentine’s Day this year I made my daughter a locket with pictures of her and her dad in it. Emma loves wearing my locket that has pictures of her dad and I so I knew she’d love this special locket that I made her with her own pictures in it. I chose photos of her dad and her for the inside and had it engraved with “Daddy’s Girl” on the back.

When I was a little girl, I had a locket with my parent’s photos in it and I loved it but I remember how the pictures enclosed inside of it were all curled up and torn around the edges. Technology has come a long way since then and now Pictures on Gold has images put into the lockets with a laser, making the images 100% waterproof and scratch-proof. This means that the locket I made for my daughter will last a lot longer than the one my mom made me all those years ago! Plus, Pictures on Gold offers a lifetime guarantee on their lockets.

Lockets are easy to personalize on the Pictures on Gold website and there is a preview of how the locket will look when it’s done so you can make sure it’s perfect. Another thing I love about Pictures on Gold is that the company makes it easier than ever to include your favorite photo even if it doesn’t fit perfectly because they will edit the image to fit in the locket.


You can make your own locket at and use the code HEART10 for a 10% discount. They have a quick turnaround time but I’d still recommend ordering ASAP. I’m also giving a locket away below so make sure to enter by the end of the day on Valentine’s Day (2/14) for a chance to win.

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