2021 Christmas Gift Guide (Giveaway)

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is around the corner! As I always do, I’ve gathered up the best Christmas gift ideas for all ages and put them into one place, making it easy to finish your Christmas shopping! You’ll find everything from thoughtful gifts for Grandma to the perfect gift for the gamer in your life. There’s even a chance to win a beautiful personalized locket in the giveaway below! Happy shopping :)

Personalized Locket from Pictures on Gold- GIVEAWAY

For the past several years I’ve added personalized lockets from Pictures on Gold to my gift guide. They are a great gift for new parents, doting grandmas, or for someone who has just said “I do”. Pictures on Gold creates custom photo jewelry keepsakes using 14k gold, white gold, and sterling silver with photos engraved in color right onto the lockets, making it 100% waterproof and scratch-proof. These lockets make the perfect last minute gift too because the turnaround time on them is just a day or two! I’m offering a giveaway down below at the end of this post so make sure to scroll down and enter! :)

DIY Lip Gloss Making Kit

Sometimes teens can be so hard to buy for but these DIY beauty kits from DIY Kit Creations would be a hit with any makeup obsessed youth in your life. They have DIY lip gloss making kits and a nail polish making kit. These kits allow you to customize your very own, ready-to-wear colors and shades. The Nail Polish Making Kit and the Lip Gloss Making Kit come with five different specialty mineral pigment powders and unlimited color possibilities. These kits are made from products from USA suppliers and also I love that the kits are all assembled by The ARC of Camden County, a nonprofit occupational training center that provides work for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max

The air fryer is probably one of the most used small appliances in my kitchen. If you don’t have one yet, you should be hoping that Santa is going to leave one wrapped under the tree for you! The Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max, an 11-in-1 digital air fryer is a nice choice and sold at an affordable price point. With a temperature from 100℉ to 450℉, 5 cooking modes, and 6 presets it allows the user to customize the cooking experience. The Dreo Air fryer features a systematic design with an oven-grade smart temperature control system to make the ingredients crispy outside and tender inside thanks to the 360° hot air circulation heating your food evenly. Find the Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max on Amazon here.

ESX360 Youth Gaming Chair

If you have someone on your list who loves spending all their free time gaming, these ESX360 gaming chairs would be a nice gift idea. They are adjustable so they work for younger gamers as well as older ones and have removable and adjustable pillows for support and comfort. They recline and have quiet rolling and, best of all for those parents out there, are made of a material that is easy to clean. They come in red or white and are currently on sale! Buy them here.

Muse Threads Clothes & Loveys

If you have a new little one to buy for this Christmas you’ll want to check out Muse Threads. Made from soft, breathable, sustainable bamboo fabric featuring colorful, creative designs sourced from local artists, this new kid’s clothing line is perfect for babies and others with sensitive skin. I personally love the Grand Loveys which are big soft blankets but they also have beautiful sleepers, pants, and more. See all the vibrant prints they offer here.


iLive Portable Cordless Massage Gun

As a mom there is nothing I need more at the end of the day than a little silence and a nice massage. The silence doesn’t always happen with older kids who go to bed late- and unfortunately I don’t have a personal massage therapist on standby- but I have the next best thing in the iLive Portable Cordless Massage Gun! Just turn on some music to drown out the sound of the sibling bickering (you parents know what I’m talking about!) and ahh- bliss! With four intensity levels and interchangeable massage heads, a customizable massage is just a button away. Massage guns have been proven to help with lower back pain, muscle soreness and stress relief- all things must parents probably experience!

In The Book Personalized Books

In The Book Personalized Story Books are a great gift for any young child. They feature characters your children know and love like Disney Princesses and Marvel Super Heroes. I made my daughter a personalized Disney Princesses storybook and I love that I could add her photo and a special message in the book and she could see her name in print throughout the book. All their books are 20% off right now so make sure to head on over to their site to create your personalized gift and get it in time for Christmas.

Gator Golf

With the cold weather here in Chicago I’m trying to keep my daughter busy while staying in our warm house and Gator Golf is perfect for that. This fun, active minigolf game gets kids up and moving while developing large motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Players just grab the flamingo golf club and aim to feed this hungry little Gator by hitting the ball through the gator’s mouth and into his tail to score. He then flicks the ball with his tail giving players another turn. The cute birds on the gator’s back serve as built-in scorekeepers and the first player to score 3 points wins! Find the game on Amazon here.

Winnie’s Picks Adult Paint-by-Numbers

Remember the fun paint-by-number kits you did as a kid? Well, now you can enjoy that same creative outlet as an adult thanks to Winnie’s Picks adult paint-by-numbers sets! They offer a huge collection of designs and also offer the ability for people to create their very own paint by numbers by uploading a picture online. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one, or your own pet. I think giving a set as a gift is a fun idea but also hand-painting artwork yourself and gifting that painting would make a cool gift as well! See all the designs here.

Burger Academy Game

Burger Academy is a fun and exciting learning game that combines the playfulness of hamburger building with STEM-oriented coding curiosity and is an ideal way for parents to encourage education at play time. As part of the game play, players compete to see who can plan out their burger-building movements in the fewest moves, thus developing the critical thinking skills that are beneficial to future coding opportunities. The object of Burger Academy is to flip the burger to match the image a player is given. Burger Academy is great for parties and family game nights, or play solitaire mode for one. Buy the game here.


Lovebox is the perfect way to help people stay connected to those they love. Lovebox is a connected messaging device that pairs with an app to make for a fun and creative way to send short messages, photos or drawings. Once a message arrives, the emoji on the box spins like a pinwheel and continues until the lid is lifted to reveal the sent message on display. Whether in the circle of love, family, or friends, the Lovebox brings us closer together, even when distance separates us. This would be a cute gift for a child to stay connected to a parent or grandparent or for a couple to share messages of love throughout the day while they work. Find Lovebox on Amazon here and see all the different options they offer.

The Functional Chocolate Company

Functional Chocolate is a better way of indulging while treating everyday health realities like stress/anxiety, sleep issues, focus, and more. They pair ethically sourced, vegan, gluten-free chocolate with powerful botanicals, nutraceuticals and clinically researched ingredients. What a sweet gift this would be! I don’t think you can ever go wrong gifting chocolate but chocolate that has health benefits?! That’s a definite home run gift idea! Buy chocolate bars from The Functional Chocolate Company here and use the promo code GIFTHEALTH for a free bar with any purchase!

Date Night Gift Baskets

If you have a significant other who is difficult to buy for, perhaps gifting them a date night gift basket might be the best thing you can do. It lets them know that you value time spent with them and provides an idea for the next date night. Best of all, these can all be dates at home so if you don’t have a sitter or are just trying to social distance, you can still enjoy a date night!

Find all the date night gift basket ideas here.

Experience Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sometimes the best gifts don’t come wrapped in pretty packaging, but instead come when we enjoy experiences with our loved ones. Since my youngest is a toddler I couldn’t skip mentioning this experience gift guide for toddlers that I put together a couple of years ago. It would also be great for those who are preschool age. Everything from activity subscription boxes to local memberships, lessons, and classes to DIY kits can be found in this helpful guide that shows you how to give time instead of toys, to the littlest ones in your life.

What gift idea is your favorite? I’d love to hear what your gifting your loved ones so chat with me on social and let me know! :)


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