Unique Personalized Gift Ideas

Thanks to Positive Prints for sponsoring this post.

I love gifting and receiving personalized gifts and one website I discovered recently with unique personalized gift options is Positive Prints. Positive Prints aims to create positive emotions and to deliver happiness with their personalized prints that let people turn their memories into ready-to-hang wall art that they can customize online to get a print that is 100% theirs. They offer a variety of products including Star Map Posters, Moon Phase Posters, Birth Posters, and City Map Posters. Each poster can be personalized with different color schemes and personalized messages.

I wanted something for the wall in my daughter’s playroom so I chose to order a moon phase poster. With these you can pick a specific date of importance and a location and the poster will display what the moon looked like on that specific day. I chose to celebrate the day my daughter was born and feature what the moon looked like in Chicago that evening in December 2018.

The Positive Prints website was very easy to use but I have included a video (above) that walks you through, step-by-step, how you can create a moon phase poster. They offer the option to order a digital print, get a print that is framed (or unframed), or get the design printed on a canvas. I chose to get a framed poster so that it was ready to hang and I could display it immediately. They also offer free worldwide shipping which is nice.

For the moon phase poster, you can choose which background you want your moon featured on. They offer six different options. I loved the two galaxy colored ones the most (they are really stunning!) but it didn’t go with my home decor’s color scheme so I chose the navy blue night sky background. I liked that the digital editor has an instant preview avalable so I could see how the print would look and edit it as needed. I changed things around a few times to make sure it looked perfect.

On the poster print I created, I added my daughter’s first and middle names, the name we call her, and the date of her birth. I considered putting a quote about loving her to the moon and back but decided to keep it simple. There are really so many ways that you can customize these posters.

I think these moon phase posters make a really sweet gift and a nice addition to any room. Check out the full lineup of products offered by Positive Prints. The star maps and custom city maps would make great gift ideas as well!