The Homeowner’s Solution To Hard Water

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If you have hard water in your home you know the problems it can cause. Hard water, when left untreated, leads to ongoing costs, maintenance, and issues. Clogged pipes can lead to a dramatic reduction of flow and destruction of flow throughout your home. Over time, the scale caused by the hard water reduces the efficiency of your water heater and appliances- leading to higher bills and eventually new appliances.

To avoid all these issues some homeowners use a traditional water softener. It’s a whole-house solution that prevents scale build up but it does not remove scale buildup that might already be in the pipes. Worst of all, it also comes with a lot of maintenance. I don’t know about you but the last thing I need to do is add more tasks to my to-do list! Thankfully there is another solution that doesn’t require you to do things like add salt or clean a brine tank.

Flow-Tech Home treats water throughout your entire plumbing system and eliminates the on-going costs of maintenance. You’ll save money since you won’t have maintenance costs plus it also saves up to 150 gallons of water a week so you’ll be paying less money on your water bill. It was also designed to be 100% environmentally safe and eco-friendly.

Flow-Tech Home neutralizes the magnesium and calcium ions in your hard water, allowing them to stay in your water and go out with flow – instead of sticking to your pipes and appliances. The video below better explains how the system works throughout your home:

If you think this sounds like a fabulous solution for your home then I have good news for you…. it’s easy to get this installed! You’ll want to consult a local, certified plumber (Flow-Tech has a list on their website of plumbers who are trained to install this) and then that local plumber can install Flow-Tech Home in less than an hour, with no disruptions in water service!

So if you are wanting to protect your home, save water, and eliminate ongoing maintenance you can learn more about Flow-Tech Home and contact a local plumber here.