Photo Gift Ideas

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I know that it’s only September but as I told you in July, I’m using this extra time at home to start getting all prepped for Christmas so I can have a less stressful holiday season. As a mom, some of my favorite gifts are ones that come from my children and anything personalized with my children’s sweet faces. I’m sure these types of gifts are favorites for grandparents as well. I know my mom loves receiving gifts with her grandkids on them!

Today I wanted to share some fun photo gift ideas that offers:

Photo Blankets

I have three photo blankets on the back of my couch and absolutely love them. Besides the warmth blankets offer, I enjoy looking at the photos every day. Emma, my toddler, loves pointing at the pictures of daddy and her brothers on them. You can’t go wrong gifting a loved one a custom photo blanket!

Photo Puzzles

Puzzles have gained popularity lately with everyone stuck at home. Personally, I have always enjoyed putting together puzzles while I watch television (though harder to do nowadays with a little one and cats that like to mess up the pieces lol). These photo puzzles would make great stocking stuffers and would be fun to put together on Christmas Day.

Photo Mugs

My sister-in-law gifted me a photo mug when my first-born was an infant and I was so excited to get one. It was a magic mug so when it was cool it just looked like a black mug but when I made hot cocoa in it the photos magically appeared. Such a fun idea that makes it the perfect photo gift for coffee drinking dads, grandpas, or uncles!


These acrylic glass boxes are the perfect ways for parents, or anyone really, to display photos of their loved ones on their desk. I love that it’s a unique way to do so instead of just having a framed print. It’s easy to upload the image and when it arrives you have your favorite photo vibrantly reproduced. Get a bunch of them and you can stack them and display them any way you want (it’s like the adult version of those building blocks we loved playing with as kids!)

Canvas Prints

Of course I couldn’t leave canvas prints off the list of top photo gift ideas! I have several canvas prints in my home and there’s no better art to hang up, in my opinion, than a picture of my family. I have ones of our whole family and some of my children individually as well. My mom has some photos on canvas displayed in her home as well and she loves them. So if you are stumped on a gift for grandma and grandpa just know that they will probably always be happy to receive another custom canvas print.

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