Prepping For Christmas In July

Thanks to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post.

Who else is ready to jump ahead to Christmas and then leave 2020 behind? I know I’m not the only one since I can tell from my site analytics that a lot of you are looking at Christmas posts- and some are even already on to Valentine’s Day (you overachievers!) lol. In honor of that wish we are celebrating Christmas in July here on the blog today. Who knows what the end of this year will hold but I know one thing for sure- we have to do some extra planning for this holiday season because things are probably going to look a bit different. So grab a hot cup of coffee (or an iced one since it’s sweltering out there…) and let’s chat about Christmas! Here’s what I’m doing to prepare for Christmas 2020…

First, for many -my family included- this is going to be a leaner Christmas so our gift-giving budgets will likely be smaller. I’m starting to set aside money now in a gift fund for my family. I’m also on the hunt for gifts already, looking for deals on what my older two are hoping for and seeing what I can buy used for my toddler. Since my toddler doesn’t know the difference between new items and pre-loved ones it’s a great place to save some money.

Second, we are not going to be able to see all the family we normally do so we are going to have to be creative about staying in touch. Maybe we will have Christmas dinners over video calls and that ugly sweater contest with our friends over Zoom. Also, those personalized Christmas photo cards are going to mean so much more this holiday season! Adorned with the faces of our family and our friends that we have spent months or more away from, they will offer a bright spot in the week when they arrive in our mailboxes amongst all the bills.

I am really excited to be partnering with Basic Invite because they have some beautiful customizable cards and helpful services like offering recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders! As much as I love sending out cards I had stopped because I’d design them and order them and then they’d just sit for months. I never got around to the next steps of getting addresses, addressing them, and dropping them off at the Post Office. I love that Basic Invite let’s you collect addresses via a form you can send out on your social media channels and then they’ll address and send them out for you. What a time saver that is and something that will actually guarantee my friends and family will receive cards from me this year lol. And, because we are all about saving money now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Get those Christmas cards done now and cross a task off your holiday to-do list before the new school year starts!

Third, our menus will likely look a bit different too since we probably won’t be cooking a huge holiday meal for a crowd this year. Personally, I love to munch on appetizers all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so nobody has to worry about cooking. I think we will be keeping that tradition going and I’ll probably make my festive Christmas cucumber bites. I’m also gathering new appetizer recipes on Pinterest to try. I am sure I will pin way more than I’ll ever have a chance to make but at least all my recipes will be in one place when I go to plan the menu.

Lastly, people are likely going to be out less and will be spending more time with their families at home so I’m really hoping more will go all out decorating the outsides of their homes. I love driving around looking at lights! This year I will probably put more decorations up for Christmas than I’ve done in past years (and decorate earlier in the season) because we will actually be home to enjoy all the decor. We will probably add more lights to the outside as well and I’ve been scouring marketplace to try to find some festive yard inflatables before the season starts. They have become increasingly popular in recent years as decorations for parties and events, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One type of inflatable that has become increasingly popular and will be perfect for Christmas is the inflatable with lights built-in. These inflatables provide a festive and fun atmosphere and can be customized to perfectly fit your yard and your preferences. There are many different designs to choose from, including a personalized giant snow globe, a snowman, a Santa Claus on his sleigh, a giant inflatable ornament, or anything that comes to your mind. They will show your holiday spirit and surely bring a smile to your and your neighbors’ faces.

It might seem crazy to be planning for Christmas in July but it will make the months of November and December less stressful if you start now. Are you doing anything to prepare for the holidays already? If so, I’d love to hear about it so chat with me on social media and let me know!