Why I Love Football And A Simple T-Shirt DIY

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I love the warm summer months but there is one thing I love more….football! (I’m sure you all could have guessed that since I talk about my obsession with football all year long!!) The cool, crisp air of fall means that football season is back and it makes me so happy. I basically spend every fall weekend cheering for my favorite teams (Dr Pepper┬« in hand of course!), from college ball on Saturday to my son’s football games on Sunday mornings to football all.day.long. on Sundays.

I didn’t grow up as a football fan and actually started watching the games when I was older because it was a chance to spend time with people I cared about. I think what I like so much about football is the comradery between fans of the team. There is just something special about being on the sidelines at the football stadium, or around the tv, cheering on our favorite team together.

Now I enjoy the actual game, and all the technical aspects, just as much as I enjoy the party side of it so it really has become about the total experience for me. Plus, since my son is older, it’s also fun to have someone to talk about football with. I still remember the days of watching football with him years ago when he didn’t really pay attention to it. Now he knows the players and makes sure we don’t miss a single game (not that that would happen since they are all on my calendar…) He also sits there and cheers right alongside me (but typically for the team I’m rooting against, the little stinker!)

Along with never missing a game, I love showing my team spirit and I do so by decorating my house for football season (check out this cute rag wreath I made) and wearing my team’s colors wherever I go (or don’t go seeing that I’m typing this right now wearing head to toe team gear as I sit on my couch). I thought it would be fun to make my own football shirt too so that I could wear it to both my son’s games (when I’m not wearing my cheerleading “coach” t-shirt) and while watching my favorite football teams play. I went with the “football is life” theme that basically describes the months of August through February for me.

The shirt was easy to make and I loved being able to personalize it. To make your own you’ll need a plain t-shirt, iron-on letters and decal, an iron, and a piece of cardboard.

To make the shirt, put the piece of cardboard inside and then cut out your letters and arrange them on your shirt. Making sure they are lined up straight will be the hardest part! Then iron-on the letters and decals according to the directions on the packages. I covered mine with the bottom of the t-shirt and ironed over them, then turned the shirt inside out and ironed the back of the shirt where the letters were. You then will peel the plastic backing off. (Funny story…I was so frustrated with the process because I thought my letters weren’t sticking -since I was seeing the outline peeling off- until I had a friend stop by and point out the obvious…part of the outline would come off and the inner part would stay on. Can I just blame this on pregnancy brain?! I felt so silly that I had spent an hour thinking I had ruined my shirt and was going to have to make a new one.) In the end though it all worked out and I love how it turned out.

Besides decorating my home and showing my spirit with the clothes I wear, I love watching the game with themed foods and parties. We’ve had a number of family football themed get-togethers but one thing remains the same at each of them…I keep things simple! I want to actually be able to watch the game and not be stuck in the kitchen cooking and that’s why grilling is perfect for football parties.

We love our little charcoal grill because, not only is it portable for tailgating, but it sits perfectly on our patio table so we can grill while watching the game. Plus, once we fill the grill with Kingsford┬« Original Charcoal made from 100% natural ingredients, it gives all the food that authentic grilled flavor you can only get when cooking over a charcoal grill. We make everything from burgers to hot dogs to sausages on the grill, serve them up with a few sides, add in some party appetizers, and that’s it! Paired with the rich, indulgent, one of a kind flavor of Dr Pepper (in the super festive seasonal football cans) it’s the perfect quick, easy, and inexpensive entertaining idea that lets us spend less time preparing food and more time cheering for our team.

Speaking of things that save time on game day…have you tried Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service yet? I’ve heard great things about it but have yet to try it myself. I’m definitely going to be utilizing it in the future as the cold weather comes because I love the idea of ordering when it’s convenient for me and then being able to pull up and my order is all ready for me. I get the convenience of Walmart’s amazing selection of products (like everything I got for this game day grilling party) and their low prices without having to leave my vehicle! You should see if it’s available near you and take advantage of it if so!

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