What I Learned About My Kids While Away From My Kids

The summer of 2015 flew by too quickly for me. Most people say the older one gets, the faster the time goes by. I find that to be true now that I am a parent more than ever before. The summer of 2015 was going to be a great summer for me and my boys. Jurassic World was going to be in the  movie theaters, Six Flags created a special deal that featured 6 dollar season passes. And Bikes would be ridden and pools visited and lots of trips taken. My 2 boys could hardly wait until school was out and fun began.

Life however had different plans and we actually spent most of the summer apart. My daytime job is a restaurant manager. In every way I can I always try to sharpen my skills to improve my management style and be the best I can be. Most importantly long term goal is to always be relevant and be the face of the company. An opportunity came up rather quickly and urgently for me to help another restaurant out and show what an asset I am. Alas this meant I will be in Omaha, Nebraska away from my kids and all the fun we were supposed to have.

The biggest take away for me was the opportunity to see my kids in a different light. I learned so much, and most importantly I know not to take my kids for granted and time with them is most important. My boys taught me they are very resilient and strong. I felt really guilty about being away at first but on my first visit home my heart was happy to find an absence of tears and sad kids. The boys focused on learning at camp and having fun with their friends more than they did on me not being home.

Another thing I learned about my kids is that their personalities are emerging more so than ever. They are becoming men. They are becoming their own unique persons. And it seems they are big fans of popular pop hits thanks to the park district pool. The boys taught me how much they value me being home and the chance to regale me with stories of their adventures.

If given the chance I would still go because seeing them grow and change was priceless. Their faces and minds expanded. Their smiles and ways they talk and think changed for the better. And even we were apart we grew closer together forever.

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