The Power Of Unlimited Data

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #MoveForward #SprintMom Or really- #SprintDad ;)

I am someone who uses over 30 gigs of data monthly. There is almost nothing I do not do on my cell phone. Besides the usual emails and social networking, I stream my music apps, catch up on TV shows and let my kids watch movies on it. Luckily I have a great LTE network with unlimited data and outstanding coverage. For over a decade I have been a Sprint customer and the experience just keeps getting better.

Recently I had a chance to learn more about sprint and it’s line of products and future plans. As someone who is always on the go and uses so much data I was anxious to learn more about the inner workings of the innovative data strong network.

The signal keeps getting stronger and there is so much room to grow with Sprint versus their competitors.
In order to enjoy all the latest apps and advancement in today’s technology, it is important to be able to get the latest and best devices right away to stay relevant. With Sprint that is almost too easy. Sprint has several options and product lines for everyone. Customers can choose great plans for not just data but also for phone upgrades and replacement.
Lets talk iPhone which is the phone I have. With Sprint, one can get the latest iPhone anytime one is available with the iPhone Forever plan. Sprint has the best value on cost of devices and pricing plans.

Sprint offers consumers the most affordable way to get:
iPhone 6s 16GB – $15 per month with trade-in
iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB – $19 per month with trade-in
Customers can pair iPhone Forever with the best Unlimited and Family Share Plans among national carriers.

As my kids grow older and I think about getting them a pre-paid phone in order to teach them about money management and allowances, Sprint is there to help. Sprint is a leader in prepaid and has a multi-brand prepaid strategy that offers plans and handsets to meet different customers’ needs. Boost Mobile is one of the best values in the prepaid wireless industry with the $30 Data Boost Up plan. After signing up for automatic payments with Auto Re-Boost, consumers can get unlimited talk, text and data with 2GB of high-speed data for $30 per month. Virgin Mobile Unlimited plans now include more high-speed data as well. Starting at $35/month, you get unlimited talk, text and data with 1GB of high-speed data. Now available in national retailers, Sprint Prepaid offers great value and flexibility without annual contracts. All plans have unlimited talk and text with your choice of data options.

So once you decide to switch, maybe one line or even a whole family, you might need some help and Sprint has got you covered with the Sprint Direct 2 You program. Sprint brings the store experience whenever and wherever you want it. Customers can choose the service in their home, office or any other location. Sprint offers the most convenient way to upgrade or get their new device. With Sprint Direct 2 You, they will bring it right to your front door and set it up while you wait. So now even grandma can have a high tech phone as easy as pie.

Though I am currently an iPhone user, I have used Android phones and like them. At the moment I am trying to check out a cool new Droid phone. The LG G4 is the next generation G series smartphone from LG that takes selfies to a new level of fun with two cameras to make it easier than ever to capture the most exciting moments of your life. LG G4 is the first smartphone from Sprint with a total of 24 megapixels of crisp photo clarity – a 16MP Rear-Facing camera and an 8MP Front-Facing selfie camera. It is fully loaded with great apps as well. The G4 is being hailed as the best phone of 2015.

As a long-time Sprint user I suggest the network and their great line of phones to everyone. You can’t beat the value of unlimited data. The future is here now and I am excited about it. The Holiday season is on the horizon and Sprint can help create wonderful memories. Stay tuned because soon I’ll be sharing what kind of new apps I discover!

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