Buzz Lightyear {Glow-In-The-Dark} Themed Party

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After spending a month or so redecorating the boys room, we were really excited to host a small party and show it off. Since the theme of the room was Buzz Lightyear and we had used the Glidden glow-in-the-dark paint I wanted to have a Buzz Lightyear themed party. It was so fun!

Before it started we had to decorate. Here are some pictures of the decor:

 photo 20130509_142408_zps5d5df365.jpg

 photo 20130509_142119_zps57127608.jpg


 photo 20130509_142334_zps13113d63.jpg


 photo 20130509_142541_zpsfda58bce.jpg

We did a lot of themed activities. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had:

 photo 20130509_143006_zps0de1dba1.jpg

We made Buzz Lightyear themed candy necklaces.

 photo 20130509_143849_zpse68e25d6.jpg


 photo 20130509_144205_zpse2d0dfaa.jpg



 photo 20130509_152442_zpsd638cc40.jpg

We painted white t-shirts with glow-in-the-dark puffy paint. Not my best idea ever apparently since all of the children loaded the paint on and I had to keep all of the shirts to dry.

 photo 20130509_153053_zpseb98ef5e.jpg


 photo 20130509_144100_zpse8fa5a3b.jpg

They played an alien game, grabbing aliens with “the claw” like in Toy Story.

 photo 20130509_144500_zpse200a89f.jpg

We also painted figurines. I bought a box of Toy Story ones, a box of Disney Princess ones and a box of Disney Cars ones.

 photo 20130509_145811_zps0e9822c3.jpg

Once it started getting darker we had some glow-in-the dark fun. To start, each child got some glow-in-the-dark bracelets. We also had balloons that glowed in the dark. The kids built a tent with a blanket to sit in so that all the items could shine to their fullest in the pitch black.

 photo 20130509_185957_zps45bc0c0f.jpg
Of course checking out the walls in Jake and Luke’s room was a must. Since their walls are a light color the glow-in-the-dark paint was kind of camouflaged with the lights on (unless you looked closely) so it was a huge surprise when the lights were turned off. With the lights off, the designs on the walls along with the stars on the ceiling glowed.

I was a little disappointed that the big Buzz Lightyear decal I had bought for the wall didn’t glow but it was still cool to have to add to the theme of the room.

Everyone loved the walls. Every night when their light goes off, Jake still says, “Look mom!”. I’m not sure the novelty will ever go away since every night he seems to be amazed that his walls are glowing.

As for my thoughts on the paint, I thought it added some uniqueness to the room. Sinisa thought the paint went on easily and spread evenly. I’d recommend using a sponge tipped brush if using stencils. We originally tried a small roller and that did not work at all and paintbrushes worked okay but I didn’t think they were the best tool we could have used and some of the paint smeared a bit under the stencil and dripped a bit. For stencils we used a cluster of stars, two planets, and a space shuttle.

When it comes to the paint glowing, it should be noted that it only lasts for a short period of time (like 5 minutes). It’s advertised to have a short glowing period so that time frame was expected but I would have liked for it to last a bit longer. The lights also need to be turned on ahead of time for the paint to glow (I’d recommend half an hour or so). Overall, I was pleased with the paint and would use it again in the future.
 photo 20130519_181224_zps772c51ae.jpg