DIY Decorative Jewelry Tray

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Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. From budding flowers to pretty lace dresses to sparkling pastel colored jewels, beauty is all around us. As the weather starts to warm up and the sun starts shining a bit more, I love being able to admire the new growth of flowers and watch the birds sitting outside my window.

That very first sunny spring day though, when I open up my curtains, I am reminded of the one chore that gets a little neglected during the colder months- cleaning my windows. It’s amazing how dirty they get over the few months we are stuck inside while the sky is gray and the trees are barren. I grab my Windex® Original Glass Cleaner from under my kitchen sink and, as soon as I spray it on my windows, I start to see the dirt fading away. A couple swipes of a paper towel later and my windows are shiny clean and I can see the beautiful spring day through them.

I also like to bring the beauty of spring indoors and I do that by decorating my home with seasonal decor and fresh flowers. To bring a touch of spring into my bedroom I made a decorative jewelry tray to hold some of my favorite pieces. It was easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials so I wanted to share the tutorial so you could make your own.

Materials needed:

  • Round tray
  • Glass or mirror a little smaller than your tray
  • Glue or adhesive
  • Beaded necklaces made for craft projects


Put glue/adhesive in the middle of the tray, spreading it out the width of your mirror.

Place the glass or mirror piece in the middle of the tray and gently press it down to adhere it to the tray.

To see how long your string of beads will need to be you can put it along the bottom edge of your tray. You’ll want it long enough to go all around the bottom of your tray but not overlap. I had to tie two beaded necklaces together and then take some beads off the one end because, as you can see in the picture, it was too long.

Use your adhesive/glue to glue your beads onto the tray along the inner bottom edge of the tray. If you still have space between your beads and your mirror/glass, you can glue on a second string of beads.

This tray will get a lot of fingerprint smudges on it but it’s easy to clean with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner.

Windex® Original Glass Cleaner is my favorite product to use on glass because I know that it will always leave my glass surfaces with a streak-free shine. Thanks to its formulation with Ammonia-D®, it starts working on fingerprints, dirt, and other messes even before you wipe. Whether you need to clean the smudges on your bathroom mirror, your windows, or the glass of your jewelry tray, you can trust America’s #1 glass cleaner to get the job done!

I found Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and Windex® Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner in the cleaning aisle of my local Food4Less store.

Now you can see the beauty of spring outside (thanks to your clean windows) and inside, sitting on your jewelry tray.

What is your favorite thing about the spring season? Get more spring cleaning ideas here.

Windex Turns 75! {Giveaway}

I really don’t enjoy cleaning but this tip above, found on the Windex Facebook page, reminds me that cleaning is a blessing. If I’m picking up toys, washing clothes, or cleaning smudged handprints off a window it means that I have little people in my life that made those messes. How many parents of unborn children or those that have lost children would give anything to have those little mess makers in their lives? Cleaning would be a lot more enjoyable if, instead of being frustrated about yet another mess, I remembered what I had to be thankful for. I’ve also heard of parents using their cleaning time to pray for their children. Both make cleaning a joyful time instead of one that is dreaded.

Another thing that makes cleaning enjoyable is using products that actually work. Having to go back and reclean something that I just cleaned makes me frustrated. I have some “go to” cleaning products and when it comes to cleaning mirrors, windows, and faucets that product is Windex. I’ve tried other blue liquids thinking they would work the same and I was wrong. My bathroom mirrors were never spotless like they are when I used Windex.

Windex is celebrating 75 “years of shine” this year so in honor of that I am happy to be hosting a giveaway for one lucky reader!


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