Food Cravings and Weight Gain #KnockOutTheFat

I gained weight this past week. At one point early in the week my scale said I was down to 185.6 which was more than a pound lost. Then came the weekend and I was craving sweets and other unhealthy foods. I had some birthday cake for my son’s birthday on Saturday and then Sunday I caved and had 3/4 of a chocolate bar and pizza. I went on a two mile walk pushing a double stroller around and hoping that those calories burned equaled the calories I had consumed. They didn’t. I now weigh 188.6 which is a 1.8 pound weight gain and brings my BMI to 30.4. I am happy that I am still under the weight I was two weeks ago but would have liked to see the scale show a lower weight than it did last week.

My goal for this week is to take the boys on a long walk at least 5 times. Food wise I need to find less calorie filled ways of enjoying the foods I’m craving. I think instead of the candy bar I should have had a chocolate fat free pudding. That would have been the better choice. What other foods have you found to substitute for unhealthier options? I’d love to hear them!

(Disclosure: I am part of the George Foreman Knock Out The Fat Weight Loss Challenge. I am being compensated for participating in this 90-day challenge but all thoughts are my own.)