Watermelon Salad {Recipe}

Looking to add a great side to your Summer BBQ? Head Chef Richard Hanna of Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Los Angeles shared his terrific side dish based on a favorite summer staple: the watermelon. It’s easy to make and leaves plenty of time for you to socialize with friends and family.



Small watermelon, preferably seedless (1 whole)

Basil leaves, chopped (3 leaves)

Feta or goat cheese, crumbled (1 C.)

White balsamic vinegar (3 tbl.)

Champagne vinegar (3 tbl.)

Extra virgin olive oil (¼ C.)

Salt (½ tsp.)

Freshly ground pepper (½ tsp.)



Step 1: Slice the watermelon into half-inch wedges

Step 2: Fan the wedges out on a tray in rows with the watermelon “flesh” exposed

Step 3: Sprinkle the vinegars and oil onto the watermelon, one at a time

Step 4: Crumble the cheese and sprinkle onto the watermelon

Step 5: Sprinkle salt and pepper

Step 6: Stack the basil leaves, roll tightly and slice thinly

Step 7: Garnish with basil leaves

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