KudosWall: A Place To Track Your Student’s Accomplishments

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by KudosWall. Have you ever wished there was a place to keep track of your student’s accomplishments all in one place? Whether they won a spelling bee, got an award at school, or came in first place at a sports or music competition, children nowadays have a lot to be … Read more

My Favorite Apps On My Windows 8X Phone By HTC

Since I wrote about my new Windows 8 phone last week I have discovered a ton more apps that make my life easier. Here are some of my favorites: 1) Starbuck’s Finder. You all know that I run on Starbuck’s so this app is a must! I know where my local Starbuck’s coffee shops are … Read more

Mobile Security With Trend Micro

As a family in the Digital Joneses campaign for Trend Micro we have a challenge to complete every month. This month’s challenge was focused on mobile security and staying safe while on the go. To complete the challenge we received smartphones and were told that we should try doing everything we need to do online … Read more

Recalls Plus {The Must Have Smartphone App For Parents}

With everything I do in a day, staying up to date with recalls is not one of them. I learn about the largest recalls through social media or parenting websites but I don’t hear about every single product that is recalled. I honestly didn’t realize how big of a mistake this was until I reviewed … Read more

New Android Phone Apps For Children With Autism

You can download the apps in the Google Play store here. Some are free and some cost 99 cents. (Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received this email today and wanted to share this resource.)