Fun With PLAY-DOH’s Let’s Create Series

We were supposed to go out to an amusement park today but it’s raining outside so we decided to stay home. By 10am the kids were already restless so I needed to find something to do to keep them busy. I remembered that PLAY-DOH had sent me two of their new “Let’s Create” products so I pulled them out for some late morning fun.

The two books are Let’s Create: Letters and Let’s Create: Shapes. Both books combine tactile, interactive play with learning to not only help children retain basic concepts taught at the preschool level but also make the learning experience fun.  Let’s Create:  Letters introduces youngsters to the letters of the alphabet, the first step in learning to read.  Kids follow Zany Zebra through different classroom settings to identify key object related to letters. Similarly, in Let’s Create: Shapes, kids take a trip through “town” and learn basic shape recognition – a key pre-school math skill.

Both books are fully illustrated by clay artists using colorful PLAY-DOH.  Hands-on education is priority number one with this new series, and children can make their own shapes and letters using the PLAY-DOH compound, letter and shape molds, and double-sided play mat that are enclosed with each book.

Both boys really enjoyed this activity and it kept them busy for a while. Lucas did the shape book and matched his PLAY-DOH shapes with the ones on the mat. Jacob did the letter one which is a little more advanced than the shape book. Jake had to find all the letter cookie cutters and then match the letters to the ones on the mat.

(Disclosure: As stated above, I received these products for review. All thoughts are my own.)

Tot School: Shapes

MONDAY (circle):

Craft- Caterpillar C

Song- Circle Song

Activity- Play with balls

Snack- Slice fruits and veggies into circles


Craft- Shape button collage

Song- Shape Song

Activity- Glue Tracing (with shapes)

WEDNESDAY (square):

Craft- Square Puzzle

Song- The Square Song

Activity- Build with blocks

Snack- Graham cracker squares


Craft- Shape Sponge Painting (cut shapes out of sponges)

Song- Shapes

Activity- Shaving Cream Play (Drawing Shapes)

FRIDAY (triangle):

Craft- Triangle Fish Craft

Song- This Is A Triangle

Activity- Find triangles around the house

Snack- Pizza Slices