GeoSafari Jr. Animal Eye Viewers For Kids {Giveaway}

(Disclosure: I received a set of Animal Eye Viewers to review. All thoughts are my own.)

Have a child who is really into animals? Or maybe one who wants to know everything about everything? If so, they will love GeoSafari Jr.’s Animal Eye Viewers from Educational Insights!

These viewers let them see the world through an animal’s eyes. Three viewers come in the box: shark, insect, and a chameleon.

Did you know that sharks can see what’s behind them? Your child can get a 360 degree view with rear-view mirrors, central blind spot, and an ocean-blue tint! They will think they are swimming in the ocean.

Did you know that instects can detect movement faster than we can? Your child will see dozens of mini-images with this pixelated view of the world. For even more fun, have them run around “bzzzz”ing like a bee!

Did you know that chameleons can look in two different directions at once? Your child can look through the viewers that have two independently rotating eyeballs.

The shark was Jacob’s favorite animal eye viewer. He had a lot of fun walking around outside while looking through them and was looking at everything up close. He even wore them to the school bus to show his bus driver because he thought they were so cool!

Want to find more fun ways to use the viewers? Download free play-and-learn activities online.


One reader will win a set of 3 Animal Eye Viewers courtesy of Educational Insights


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Oscar Mayer’s New Carving Board Pulled Pork {Review}

I love pulled pork. If I plan ahead and am on top of things around the house I’ll make it in the slow cooker. For this to happen though, I need to have my meat thawed and the ingredients ready so you can probably figure out that this doesn’t happen very often. Thankfully, I can get my pulled pork fix easily with Oscar Mayer’s new product.

Do you like how I made a little campfire with my food? :) I normally don’t eat such nicely displayed food but pulled pork on crackers is my favorite way to enjoy the meat. Oscar Mayer makes a few different varieties of the pulled pork but my favorite is the plain with no seasonings. I add some barbeque sauce and shredded cheese and I have a quick and easy lunch in minutes.

I really liked the convenience of this pulled pork. Making my own takes time and I’m normally busy working in the mornings and don’t think about food until my stomach growls in the afternoon and by then it’s too late to make it. I thought the Oscar Mayer meat was soft and, though this one didn’t have the extra seasonings, it was plenty flavorful. After getting some to review I have bought more at the store so you know that I’m definitely a fan of it.

(Disclosure: I received a sample from Oscar Mayer but all thoughts are my own.)