Peter Rabbit Family Movie Night With A Mr. McGregor’s Garden Themed Popcorn Bar

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Our family loves having family movie nights. It’s a nice break from our busy sports and work schedules and the perfect way to spend time together as a family. There’s nothing better than cuddling up together on the couch! Typically we take turns picking the movie but this week I bought the Peter Rabbit Blu-Ray + DVD Combo from Walmart for us to watch. I don’t typically get into “kid” movies but I’d seen commercials for this movie and it looked hilarious. Movies that the whole family can enjoy are the best because they keep mom, dad, AND the kids entertained!

I put together a cute little gift basket to surprise my boys with my movie selection for the week. Along with the Peter Rabbit movie, I added in a couple of their favorite frozen meals from Kid Cuisine, including Luke’s favorite- the Kid Cuisine All Star Chicken Breast Nugget Meal, for the boys to enjoy before movie night (because who wants to be doing the dinner dishes when they could be enjoying time with their family?!). Kid Cuisine serves up kids’ all-time favorites, many with full servings of vegetables. With these easy meals, you know you’re choosing dishes that will satisfy your kids. Plus, they usually have a fun dessert that kids love!

I also added in a box of Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Butter Flavored Popcorn because popcorn is a must-have on movie night (and the more butter the better in my opinion)! I like Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn because they have a lot of flavor varieties and they are the only leading brand of microwave popcorn with no Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Dyes in any of its products. The Kettle Corn flavor is delicious as well when you are craving something a bit sweeter.

Everything fit into a basket that looked like a white picket fence.I thought it was perfect for this because it reminded me of the gate to Mr. McGregor’s garden. The movie night gift basket was a fun surprise for them after a long day at school!

I also set up a simple “garden” themed popcorn bar since, in the movie, Peter Rabbit and his three sisters love spending their days in Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden trying to eat all his veggies. I put the popcorn in a bushel basket with an unused garden trowel as the scoop and put some napkins in a watering can. The popcorn was served in small garden pots (that were lined with napkins).

For the mix-ins I set out chocolate cookie pieces (to represent dirt but just not as messy as crushed cookies), gummy worms (like you’d find in the soil), mini marshmallows (aka bunny tails), and candy pieces (with orange ones to represent carrots). The boys favorite part of the evening was creating their own special popcorn mix!

For your own popcorn bar you can do any mix-ins your family would like. I just stuck with our movie night theme. Other mixins we enjoy are raisins, sunflower seeds, dried apple pieces, and chocolate chips. Just make sure you have some of everyone’s favorites!

The kids loved our fun family night with their special dinner and treats. We all thought the movie was great and I’m glad that we have it in our collection now. Whether it’s a family movie night during the week, or celebrating a special event, Peter Rabbit is a fun movie for the whole family. Plus, the DVD/Blu-Ray combo came with a digital copy which will be great for rewatching it on our travels this summer!

You can pick up everything you need for your next family movie night at Walmart. 

Have you seen the new Peter Rabbit movie yet? Find more fun Peter Rabbit themed ideas here.

How To Have A FISHtastic Family Fun Movie Night

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I shared recently how much I love Friday nights because it is our family fun night where we play games and cuddle while watching a movie. For this family fun night we decided to change it up and have a theme and with Finding Dory coming out soon we chose to have a fish themed night. In preparation of our themed movie night the boys, Sinisa and I brainstormed all the fish related ideas we could think of. I love involving them in the planning of things and they actually had some creative ideas like using a fish shaped cookie cutter to cut fish designs out of a pizza. They also vetoed some of daddy’s ideas like having anchovy pizza or sushi for dinner lol.

Here are things that we’ve found are essential to a wonderful family night.


We almost always play a game or two during our family nights. This week we went with a fishing game that we’d had for a while but hadn’t opened yet. It was fun to try to pick up the fish as they chomped open and shut. Go Fish, the card game, would also be fun to play for a fish themed night.

Good Phone Plan

Whether it’s to play music for an impromptu dance party, learn about new games to play, order the pizza, look up movie reviews or call to see when Sinisa is going to be home, a good phone plan is a must for our family. The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan has everything- unlimited talk, text, and data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie rental (new release = $7 value) on VUDU every month. All this for only $49.88 per line. Also, for the first time ever, the starter kit is on rollback for $19.88 (from $25) so now it’s even easier to save more money setting up service on Walmart Family Mobile.

They have great affordable phones, too. I love the Cool Pad ROGUE smartphone that I got at Walmart and the best part is that it was only $19.88* (on rollback from $39.83)!


One of our favorite dinners on Friday nights is pizza. It’s been a tradition for me since I was a little girl.

We hadn’t found a fish cookie cutter at the store so we asked for the pizza not to be sliced and I used the pizza cutter to cut the pizza myself so their pizza slices were fish shaped. They were amazed that their pizza was a fun shape and it went perfectly with the theme!

For snacks it’s always good to have a variety so there is something for everyone.

We incorporated some of our favorite fish- Swedish Fish- a few different ways which was perfect because we had bought a large 1.9 lb. bag of red Swedish Fish candies that was on Rollback at Walmart for $4.48. Notice the new packaging!

We had to get some Sour Patch Kids while we were there as well because I couldn’t pass up such a great deal!

Before our movie night I made special “fish bowl” treats for us to enjoy. I mixed blue gelatin according to the directions on the box and then distributed it into clear cups. I put the cups in the fridge for a few hours to let them set and then put the Swedish Fish on top. If you want your fish to “swim” then instead of putting them in for a few hours, only let the jello sit in the fridge for about 45 minutes. Take them out and use a toothpick to gently push the Swedish Fish into the partially set jello. Put them back in the fridge for a couple hours to let the jello finish firming up before your family eats them.

Along with the jello “fish bowls” I popped some popcorn and added Swedish Fish to the bowl to make a sweet & salty snack mix.


Whether it’s a movie your family has seen dozens of times or something you are watching for the first time, it’s always fun to cuddle on the couch together to watch a movie. I was excited to find out that with my new Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan we also got a free movie on VUDU every month so we can use our ROKU player to watch new movies. This is a great bonus for our family.


Before bed it’s always nice to read a book together. For our fish themed night we chose to read a book about sharks and fishes from one of the boy’s favorite series.

Want more family fun movie night ideas? The Walmart Family Mobile Hub has some great ideas! You can also find out when a Walmart Family Mobile in-store rep will be available to assist you to find the phone plan that fits your family’s needs. The reps will have Swedish Fish samples on site as well!

What fun things does your family like to do together?

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Powering Up For The New Marvel Avengers Movie (Giveaway)

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When you are a parent there are countless movies you end up watching with your kids. One movie that both my kids and I absolutely love and watch over and over is MARVELS AVENGERS. Full of action and adventure and funny lines, it is a memorable family movie. The best part for the kids is all the superheroes are in it together.

As the new AVENGERS:AGE OF ULTRON movie comes to theaters May 1st we decided to have a family movie night and watch the first one again. To make the night more fun we headed to our local Meijer for snacks needed for our Avengers themed party.

My older son Jake was quick to find the Avengers fruit snacks and just had to have them. Luke my youngest hit the cereal aisle and pointed out that there were lots of Kellogg’s cereal boxes with Avengers images on them. Both boys wanted to buy multiple boxes each because they learned they could get free movie tickets. For every six codes collected we could get a ticket to see the movie they are so excited to see.

In preparation for our movie party, Meijer sent us a few items to showcase what is available to buy in their stores. The boys loved the stuffed super heroes and the blankets. Perfect companions for watching movies and bedtime.

For the movie night we wanted to have a tasty snack besides just the popcorn so the boys helped create their own snack mix. We used Kellogg’s Crispix cereal, Nestle Raisinets, pretzels and Kellogg’s Avengers fruit snacks. The boys were thrilled to have created a snack they liked eating.

Spending time with my boys is always very important and bonding over something as simple as a movie just creates special memories. We all wore Avengers T-shirts to celebrate the movie and talked about the heroes and the villains in the first movie. After re-watching it, the boys were telling me all about what they thought is going to happen in the new Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.

Now we are patiently awaiting May 1st. Everyone is geared up and excited and the boys are already talking about the next movie night we are going to have. Something tells me we might even have a Marvels Avengers theme birthday party this year. Let me know if you have a movie night party with your kids, I would love to hear about it.


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